3 Quick Tips for STUNNING Fall Color Photos (VIDEO)

Summer is over and the fall is here. The leaves are starting to turn their orange, red and golden hues but are you ready as a photographer?

The below video from Blake Rudis of f64 Academy should help get you ready. In the tutorial, Rudis shares three quick tips for better fall color.

"Fall color photography is fun, awesome in fact," Rudis says. "There is nothing better than getting out there with your camera and showcasing the glory of all that yellow, orange, and red goodness in the tapestry of trees. What could be better, right?"

While you may have captured what appear, in your camera's viewfinder, to be stunning scenes of nature's beauty, you may find out later that you need to work on your Raw files during post-processing to bring out the true colors.

"The problems with fall photography don't usually hit us until we get home to process our photos, Rudis adds. "I don't know about you, but I find that the Raw Files just don't do the scene justice. They usually appear drab, washed out, and not quite as life-giving as the photographed scene. In today's video, I am going to share three tips for making the colors in your Raw images pop off the screen."

Here are the three tips that Rudis explains in the below video.

#1 JPEG Preview vs Raw File

#2 Color Calibration

#3 Color Separation

After he demonstrates his processing tricks, stick around to the end of the  video where he offers a bonus tip on offsetting Blue Color Cast and then gives you more tips on fall color. You should also check out these maps for finding the best fall foliage in your area and these seven additional tips on shooting beautiful fall photos.