3 Camera Settings You NEED to KNOW for Landscape Photography (VIDEO)

Do you often find yourself fumbling with your camera's manual, trying to dig out information on how to change a specific setting? That's definitely a buzz-killer (not to mention a creativity killer) if you're out trying to capture something inspiring, such as a scene of nature in landscape photography.

Fortunately, if you watch the below video from landscape photographer Mark Denney, you might never need to consult that annoying manual again. Titled "3 Camera Settings to Master for Landscape Photography," Denney helps narrow down the essential adjustments you'll need to make.

"Becoming comfortable with your camera's settings is not only important to create beautiful images, but also in the overall enjoyment of landscape photography," Denney says. "In this video, I discuss the three aspects of the exposure triangle, shutter speed, ISO and aperture, but more specifically three simple tests you can perform at home that'll enable you to become more comfortable with each of these three camera settings."

While Denney notes that every camera and lens combination may be different, his three tests will help you become more familiar with how your gear performs when it comes to adjusting shutter speed, ISO and aperture.

"Understanding what your camera does well and what your camera doesn't do well is important information to understand and will enable you to not only be comfortable with your camera's settings, but perhaps more importantly enable you to enjoy your photography that much more!"

Check it out below and then go visit (and subscribe!) to Denney's excellent YouTube channel.