The 3 Best Poses for Fitness Model Photography (VIDEO)

Hawaii-based pro fitness photographer Brett Seeley knows a thing or two about getting the right poses from his models for his images. We recently featured five of his favorite posing tips and now he's back with more advice on how to pose fitness models.

In the below video, Seeley teams up with elite model Olha Horobets to share their three favorite poses for fitness photography.

"The biggest mistake I see with a lot of fitness type shoots is the photographer is not quite sure how to pose the model," Seeley says. "Well, today, we're going to show you our favorite poses and we'll talk about why."

#1 Side Pose
"Because I'm a bikini model competitor, glutes are my most important part, so I want it to show up," Horobets explains. "And the side pose shows it the best way because you can see the roundness and how it pops."

#2 Shoulders Pose
"My shoulders look rounder in this pose," she notes. "Just hold your hands in a simple way but make sure that you flex your shoulders."

#3 Fully Body Posing
"A big thing to remember is that as you're looking through your viewfinder, make sure they scan from top to bottom, bottom to top," Seeley adds. "One of the things that is often missed is that when you're showcasing the glutes, a lot of times they forget their shoulders. Or if they're wanting to showcase their shoulders, they forget their quads. And then a lot of times they forget to hold their core in. The most important thing you want to see is a nice tight core and everything flexed."

Check out Seeley's channel for more portrait and fitness model tips including this excellent tutorial from earlier this year.