20 Quick Tips that Will Help You Shoot Better Portraits in Natural Light (VIDEO)

We post lots of portrait photography tips videos but seldom have we seen one as jampacked with helpful portraiture advice as the below tutorial from Taylor Jackson. In the video, Jackson teams up with fellow portrait photographer Miquel Quiles to show you twenty quick tips for shooting better portraits in natural light.

The pair are joined by their frequent model Masumi on the High Line in New York City where they quickly and clearly demonstrate the following twenty tips:

#1 Isolate Your Subject

#2 Vertical Images Display Larger on Mobile Devices

#3 Create Depth by Holding Something Close to the Lens

#4 Find Backgrounds that Create Natural Contrast

#5 Find Natural Reflectors

#6 Get Closer

#7 Find Lines to Add Depth and Frame Your Subject

#8 Nothing Matters If Your Subject Isn't Well Lit

#9 Find Natural Frames

#10 Get People Moving

#11 Don't Just Default to Wide Open F Stop

#12 Change Your Perspective

#13 Find Lines in the City, Softer Shapes in Nature

#14 Use Props that Don't Feel Forced

#15 Keep People Having Fun, With Little Downtime

#16 Tell People that They're Doing a Great Job

#17 Find Imperfect Symmetry

#18 Less Headroom

#19 Fill the Frame

#20 Create "Accidents" by Always Trying New Things

When you watch the video, you'll quickly notice that the two photographers seem to have a thing for Mexican Coke (the soda, not the drug), and use a bottle of the stuff as a prop throughout. This is the second video we've featured from Jackson and Quiles this week. Just a few days ago, this dynamic duo showed you five ways to capture great photos with a point-and-shoot camera. 

After you watch their latest tutorial below, go visit and subcribe to Jackson's YouTube channel and Quiles' YouTube channel for more great photo tips videos.