16 Camera Settings You Should CHANGE NOW for Landscape Photography (VIDEO)

Setting up a camera for a particular type of photography is one of the most underrated things you can do as a photographer. Most photographers get so comfortable using their cameras a certain way, they never stop to figure out whether there are some settings they should turn on or off.

Landscape photographer Mark Denney encountered this problem while using the new Fujifilm GFX100S medium-format mirrorless camera over the past few weeks and determined how to set up the camera specifically for the way he shoots landscapes. In the process, Denney realized there are 16 camera settings that all landscape photographers should consider changing immediately. He lays it all out in the below video.

"Now the 16 camera settings I change in this video are not just for the Fuji GFX100S, rather these are camera settings that I change regardless of which camera or camera brand I happen to be using, so these can pretty much be applied to any modern camera," Denney says.

"Changing these camera settings enables me to work in an efficient manner when on-location plus it makes my workflow simple and repetitive, which is perhaps what I love most about it. I'm always changing and experimenting with different settings, but the 16 covered in this video are what I always change as soon as I get a new camera out of the box."

Here are the 16 camera settings he says you should change now. Watch the video below where he explains why.

#1 Turn on Self-Timer

#2 Turn off Sound

#3 Turn off Long Exposure Noise Reduction

#4 Enable Back Button Focus

#5 Set up Bracketing

#6 Set up Focus Modes

#7 Turn on AF+MF

#8 Turn on Focus Check

#9 Enable Focus Peaking

#10 Turn on Auto White Balance

#11 Meter Mode: Multi

#12 Picture Profile: Standard

#13 Image Size: Raw

#14 Manual Mode

#15 Enable Histogram

#16 Assign IBIS Button

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