13 Pro Lightroom CHEAT CODES You Need to Use Now (VIDEO)

Let’s face it: We all aspire to “shoot like a pro,” regardless of how we make a living. And whether or not that’s a realistic goal, it doesn’t hurt to expand one’s skills as much as possible for the best possible photos.

One way to emulate true professionals is to employ some of their shooting and editing tricks, and there’s a bunch of the latter in the tutorial below. In barely 18 minutes you’ll learn what one pro calls, “13 Lightroom cheat codes you must activate in 2023.”

Mark Denney is an accomplished outdoor photographer whose weekly lessons we share frequently. Today’s episode is a very helpful compilation of all the tips and tricks he says, “I use every day.”

As Denney explains, “there are a ton of cheat codes tucked away inside of Lightroom, and I’m still uncovering new ones from time to time.” Hopefully this lesson will reveal at least a few that you don’t already know. We suspect that’s the case, and the result will be a faster and more efficient editing workflow,

Shutterbug readers appreciate Denney for his calm, straightforward, and reassuring approach. The baker’s dozen of ”essential” tips and tricks in this lesson don’t appear in any particular order, so jot down a few notes so you can refer to your cheat sheet as needed.  

The first trick involves enabling Solo Mode, and if you’re an organizational “neat freak” it may be your favorite. The benefit here is that is greatly simplifies multi-step edits when you have a long list of tools and panels visible on your screen. By clicking on Solo Mode, however, Lightroom collapses everything but the section you’re working on for a clean and simple workspace.

Sound interesting? We’ll there’s another dozen of equally helpful tips in this video, so take a look, make a list, and process your images more efficiently so you can get back out in the field and do what you love most.

There’s much more to see on Denney’s instructional YouTube channel, so check back often and subscribe.

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