13 Great Tips for Spring Landscape Photos (VIDEO)

Yeah, we know that the weather in some parts of the country seems more like winter in Siberia than spring in America, but April showers and spring flowers really are right around the corner. And this tutorial will help you capture great landscape photos when the season changes for real.

Toma Bonciu is a Romanian nature photographer, and in the video below he provides 13 helpful tips for capturing the long-awaited splendor of spring. Whether you live in the foothills of a mountain, astride a bubbling brook, or near a forest, the techniques Bonciu describes will you help you capture beautiful landscape photos.

Illustrated with his stunning imagery, Bonciu’s tips cover everything from photographing the morning mist that often emanates from spring landscapes, to capturing fresh green vegetation, blossoming flowers, and much more.

Bonciu offers helpful composition tips, discusses how long exposures can help you convey the mood of the season, and explains how to use contrasts in brightness and colors to create images that accentuate the feeling of rebirth that’s associated with spring. And apropos of this crazy year, Bonciu also demonstrates how to make images that illustrate both the passing of winter and the dawning of a new season.

This video is full of great tips, so take a close look and get ready, because one of these days you’ll awake with the fresh smell of spring in the air. You can find more helpful tips on Bonciu’s YouTube channel, and in another story we posted recently, explaining how to include the moon in landscape photographs.