10 Tips for Better Bird Photos with Pro Secrets & Mistakes to Avoid (VIDEO)

Let’s face it: photographing birds can be challenging, especially when your subjects are in flight. But even birds resting on a tree limb are often fidgety, and their erratic movements require special techniques.

Fortunately there are several proven methods that will help increase your ratio of “keepers,” thanks to the advice in the video below from a Canadian pro who has some great shooting advice.

Based in Nova Scotia, Simon d’Entremont is an accomplished wildlife and astrophotographer who says he loves sharing his adventures and helping other photographers improve their work. In this episode he shares his best tips and tricks, and he provides several beautiful images of birds that are sure to get you inspired.

In just 18 minutes, d’Entremont covers a wide variety of topics, from gear recommendations and camera settings, to nailing focus and exposure. He also discusses common errors that can kill an image of a beautiful bird. Be sure to watch the tutorial until the end, where he reveals, “the biggest mistake people make” in tip #10.

The good news is that unlike other tutorials that insist you need an exotic lens for photographing birds, d’Entremont’s goal is to help you get great shots with whatever lenses you own. Pay close attention to the examples he provides, because he includes gear and exposure information in the captions.

You’ll also see that different species have unique and predictable habits, which often require a specific approach. The size of your subjects, and whether they’re stationary or in-flight, also factors into the equation.

There’s also a helpful discussion of the quality of light, and positioning yourself properly relative to your subject. d’Entremont stresses importance of finding a great background, and he offers a few in-camera techniques for creating background blur so the bird in your photo really stands out.

Be sure to pay a visit to d’Entremont’s YouTube channel where you’ll find a wide variety of tips for better outdoor images.

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