10 Hidden Tricks in Adobe’s New Camera Raw (VIDEO)

This month’s release of Adobe Camera Raw is a powerful update that includes a number of undocumented hidden features. The quick video below demonstrates 10 of these secrets that will speed up your editing and deliver great results.

Colin Smith is the founder of Photoshop Café, and he’s one of our favorite instructors. As you’ll see in this 10-minite tutorial, Smith has a knack for simplifying the task of processing images in Lightroom and Photoshop. Here he reveals 10 tricks in the new Adobe Camera update (v.12.3) that you may not discover on your own.

Smith illustrates some helpful keystrokes, and makes sense of the “white dot” and “eyeball” icons on the adjustment panel. He also reveals a trick for changing the speed of various sliders for making very fine adjustments.

Other tricks include a quick way to modify colors using Auto Mask, and how to open as many editing panels as you wish—and automatically close those you don’t need. Smith also demonstrates a trick for automatically changing the zooming behavior of the image you’re editing.

Check out the video for complete details on these and other Camera Raw secrets, and visit Smith’s YouTube channel for more helpful editing tips.