10 Hidden Lightroom Features You Really Should Know About

Photographer Jamie Windsor always has easy and helpful photo tips and tricks on his YouTube channel and here’s one that should help speed and improve your Photoshop Lightroom workflow. In the below video, Windsor shares his top 10 tips “for secret and lesser-known features that help your editing and speed up your workflow in Adobe Lightroom.”

Here’s a rundown of Windsor’s 10 hidden Lightroom features, which he explains more in depth in the 12-minute video below.

1. Send clients an online preview

2. Better tones with camera calibration

3. Change preset strenthy/opacity

4. Targeted adjustment tool

5. Automatically match exposures with different settings

6. Faster image rating and selection

7. Individual slider automation

8. Edit local adjustment tools

9. Bigger sliders

10. Precision editing view