10 Great Tips for Making Dramatic Fall Photographs from Nature Photographer Toma Bonciu (VIDEO)

Last week we posted a tutorial with five helpful tips for getting prepared for your first fall photography excursion of the year. And now that autumn is officially upon us, we decided to feature the video below with 10 shooting tips that will help you capture spectacular images.

Toma Bonciu is a self-taught Romanian pro specializing in travel, landscape, and adventure photography. He’s also a regular contributor to our website, and in this tutorial he offers 10 helpful tips for capturing the beautiful colors and moods of autumn. In fact, many of the tips you’ll learn below are equally valuable for landscape photography throughout all seasons of the year.

Much of what Bonciu discusses has to do with the importance of contrast; not just light vs. dark, but large vs. small, and vivid elements vs. those that are more subdued. He explains how getting in tight on tree branches will accentuate the vibrant colors of a background, and why he says, “Always, always, follow the fog.”

So before you head out to shoot images of autumn, review these tips on composition, mood, and atmospheric conditions, and the nature photographs you capture will be better than ever.

You can find more helpful advice on Bonciu’s YouTube channel, and be sure to look at last week’s post on getting prepared for making the most of this very special season.