10 Great Ideas for Shooting Magical Winter Photos (VIDEO)

Winter doesn’t officially begin for another couple of weeks, but in some parts of the county the cold, wintery landscape has already appeared. Today we’ll show you how to make awe-inspiring photos of the new season.

In the quick tutorial below, Scottish pro Kim Grant presents 10 great ideas for capturing captivating, wintery outdoor images. Grant is not only known for stunning landscape and wildlife imagery, but she’s also an accomplished instructor with a devoted following on YouTube among those who appreciate her straightforward tutorials.

Grant says winter is arguably the most magical time of year for outdoor photographers, and the 10 photo ideas she demonstrates are really easy to accomplish. She begins with the notion of capturing snow on trees—a technique she says “can add a lot of interest your winter images.”

Another technique Grant uses frequently this time of year is photographing frozen puddles to create interesting, abstract images that are noticeably different from typical winter shots. She explains that, “I’m always blown away by the different shapes and textures I find within the ice.”

Grant reveals the lenses she prefers for the ideas she recommends, which also include capturing the beauty of crystal-like hoar frost, the importance of venturing outside immediately after fresh snow has blanketed the landscape, and the best way to photograph falling snow. If you hear a bit of background “noise” in the audio, that’s actually the sound of snow hitting her jacket.

You’ll see how dramatic winter skies and patterns in the snow can create compelling images, a technique for photographing melting snow, and much more. So take a close look and don’t wait until December 21 to get out there and put these ideas to use.

You can find more helpful tips on Grant’s YouTube channel and in another tutorial we posted, explaining why one pro says zoom lenses have an edge over big expensive primes for certain types of outdoor photography.