Fun Photo Quiz: 10 “Firsts” to Test Your Photography Knowledge

Last fall we invited you to enjoy 13 Fun Questions to Test Your Overall Photo Savvy. Many of you aced it, and to be honest, it was on the easy side. Well, sharpen your pencils, buckaroos, because this quiz will truly test your mettle.

1. First Canon DSLR (not including their joint venture projects with Kodak).
A. Canon EOS 10D
B. Canon EOS 1D
C. Canon EOS D30
D. Canon Zap Shot

2. First 5-megapixel camera (not including Kodak joint venture projects).
A. Sony Mavica
B. Minolta DiMAGE 7
C. Canon 1Ds
D. Nikon Coolpix 100

3. First camera used by an American astronaut in orbit around Earth.
A. Ansco Autoset (actually a rebadged Minolta Hi-Matic)
B. Hasselblad 500C/M
C. Nikon D100
D. Agfa Messenger (actually a rebadged Canon Sure Shot)

4. First Leica 35mm film SLR.
A. Leicaflex
B. Leicaflex SL
C. Leica IIIa
D. Leica Summicron

5. First TV comedy show to feature a professional studio photographer.
A. Blow-up
B. Shutterbugs
C. Flash Foster, Crime Photographer
D. Love that Bob

6. Official name of the first Nikon F 35mm SLR.
A. Nikkormat (known in Japan as Nikomat)
B. Nikkorex
C. Nikon F
D. Nikon Photomic FTn

7. First practical use for CR39 resin (material used to make eyeglass lenses and some Cokin filters).
A. Body of mechanical pencil
B. Fuel tank lining of Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bombers
C. Steering wheel for 1958 Ford Edsel
D. Animal dentures

8. First American President to be photographed while still in office.
A. James K. Polk, 1849
B. John Quincy Adams, circa 1843
C. Abraham Lincoln, 1864
D. Franklin Pierce, around 1855

9. First sequence or burst of photos taken to analyze a moving object.
A. Birds in Flight, John James Audubon in 1850
B. Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Anton Hulman Jr. in 1946
C. The Horse in Motion, Eadweard Muybridge in 1878
D. The Pit and the Pendulum, Edgar Allen Poe in 1842

10. First 35mm film SLR camera.
A. (Pentax) Asahiflex
B. Praktica
C. Leica Model A
D. Exacta

1 C,  2 B,  3 A,  4 A,  5 D,  6 C,  7 B,  8 A,  9 C,  10 D.

Question 8 is a trick question. Adams is thought to be the first President ever photographed, but it happened in 1843 and he left office in 1829. Number 10 is sneaky, too. While the Asahiflex is generally credited with being the first Japanese SLR, the German Exacta SLR predates it. Finally, I hope you were not mislead by the image of the Leica. Depicted is the Leicaflex SL, the second model. The name of the original was model was Leicaflex with no suffix.

How did you do? Please post your score.

—Jon Sienkiewicz