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Here's an important post-processing tutorial for all you avid wildlife and landscape photographers, that will help you get the white right with a little help from Lightroom. Once you do that, other colors tend to fall into place.

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If you're a landscape photographer and use Lightroom to process images the tutorial below is likely to improve your workflow by explaining four "hidden" tools you may not know exist. After all, Lightroom is such a robust package that it's almost impossible to keep track of everything it can do.

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According the instructor Neil Borg, "Dodge and Burn is the secret weapon for sculpting light and adding drama to the photos you capture outdoors"—just like it was in the darkroom for the iconic masters of landscape photography during the heyday of film.

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Turning your photos into artwork as a high-quality wall print, a custom leather-bound photo book, or a massive metallic wall hanging is a great way to really showcase photography and make it stand out from the swipe, swipe, swipe world of mobile photography.

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Increasing dynamic range can be an extremely effective method for improving photos that look flat and boring, and the transformation is often quite amazing. Today's episode from the Photo Feaver YouTube channel demonstrates a remarkably fast technique for getting the job in Lightroom.

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We regularly encourage Shutterbug readers to step outside their comfort zone and experiment with unfamiliar techniques to capture attention-grabbing photos that stand out from the crowd. If you're willing to try something different, this quick tutorial  from the My Photo Journey YouTube channel is a great place to start.

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Are you struggling to capture consistently sharp images in the camera without resorting to post processing? If so, the video below from the Photo Genius YouTube channel will explain how to solve most common focusing problems in barely 10 minutes.

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Want to save BIG when purchasing a top-level mirrorless camera? Here's the rundown on five highly desirable models and five ways MPB can help you save money buying one.

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Have you ever noticed when cutting elements out of an image that edges appear rough and imprecise? If so, this Photoshop tutorial from the Photoshop Café YouTube channel will set you straight in a hurry.