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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Nov 10, 2014 0 comments

Photography: The Definitive Visual History is a true celebration of the greatest photographs and photographers from around the world. This is a lavishly illustrated visual history of photography (from its start in the 1820s to the present day) written and curated by world-renowned photographer, writer and broadcaster Tom Ang.

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Aug 29, 2014 0 comments

The mid-1970s was a time of musical transformation in New York City’s hot underground club scene. Glam was fading away and being replaced with the raw, bold sounds of Punk. New bands were being formed and drawing the attention of legions of eager fans. It was an explosion of creativity and (musician and photographer) Paul Zone was there to witness it all. Zone spent his teen years exploring the sights and sounds of famous clubs like CBGB and Max’s Kansas City while other kids his age only dreamed of being there.

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Nov 19, 2014 0 comments

Author, pro photographer and educator Jeff Smith owns and operates two successful portrait studios and has written a number of helpful photography guides. In this book titled Portrait Pro: What You MUST Know to Make Photography Your Career, Smith uses his years of experience and expertise to help others learn the best ways to build and grow a successful business as a portrait photographer.

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Sep 22, 2014 0 comments

For 15 years Grant Scott worked as an art director of photography books and magazines and in 2000 he decided to make the transition to professional photographer. This background—and his years of extensive experience in the field—provided Scott with a solid perspective on the fast paced, every changing world of photography. His book, Professional Photography: The New Global Landscape Explained is a valuable handbook designed to guide photographers through the complex maze that is the international marketplace and help them thrive there.

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Oct 15, 2014 0 comments

The Terminal Bar opened its doors in New York City for the first time in 1958 and was located just across the street from the Port Authority bus terminal, near (world famous) Times Square. In 1972, Sheldon (Shelly) Nadelman began working there as a bartender and stayed for the next ten-years until it closed in 1982. Featured in the iconic Scorsese film Taxi Driver, at that time the Terminal Bar was know for being one of the roughest dive bars in the city.

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Oct 21, 2014 0 comments

It is said that everything is big in the great state of Texas and that certainly includes the rugged sense of individualism and the independent spirit of those who live there. Michael O’Brien is well known for being one of America’s top portrait photographers. In his latest book, The Face of Texas, he presents us with a wonderful collection of finely crafted portraits featuring unique Texans (both native and naturalized).

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Aug 22, 2014 0 comments

In our modern society, urban centers around the world are home to thousands of people. The streets of those cities and towns are alive with a tide of humanity that ebbs and flows according to the clock. This presents photographers with an endless treasure trove of images simply awaiting discovery.

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Sep 04, 2014 0 comments

Admittedly, toy cameras were never designed to produce the professional quality crystal clear, razor sharp images we so often strive to create. They are simply toys but because of their unique nature they do have a lot more to offer than one might suspect. They are amazingly good at producing wonderfully blurry, strangely distorted images marked with the odd streak of light but—for some photographers—these aren’t unwanted or undesirable traits at all. These quirks add an entirely new dimension of creativity to their work.

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Nov 12, 2014 0 comments

Focal Press recently introduced the comprehensive photography book, Twentieth Century Photographers: Interview on the Craft, Purpose, and the Passion of Photography, by Grace Schaub, edited by George Schaub.

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Oct 27, 2014 0 comments

It could be said that American photographer Vivian Maier was one of a kind. The embodiment of the new liberated modern women, she was never afraid to speak her mind—often very passionately—and explore the world on her own terms. Born in the Bronx, New York to a French mother and Austrian father, Maier was an intensely private person. Her life remains a mystery of sorts but a new book is certainly effective at pulling back that dark curtain.

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Nov 03, 2014 0 comments

Moving far beyond the accepted norm, Brad Wilson put a fresh and unique twist on wildlife photography. Wilson wanted to capture the beauty of wild animals outside of their usual natural environment—or even the safe confines of a zoo enclosure. He wanted us to see the animals (including lions, owls, elephants, chimps, bulls, jaguars, cheetahs, alligators and more) in a setting that he had total control over, his own studio. 

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Dec 15, 2014 0 comments

From the late 1940s through the 1960s (the golden age of advertising), noted photographer William Helburn was the popular choice for the top advertising agencies in New York City. He was a photographic pioneer who helped to revolutionize the advertising business—ushering in a more modern look—but after the 1960s he simply seemed to vanish.

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Jul 31, 2014 0 comments

Photographer Bunny Yeager first attained fame as a beautiful and popular pin-up model in her own right—one of the most photographed in Miami. Upon retiring from her successful first career in front of the lens, Yeager soon embarked upon a new endeavor by expertly transitioning from subject to artist.

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Aug 11, 2014 0 comments

Each year an ancient dry lakebed called the playa in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert is home to the popular Burning Man arts festival.

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Jul 29, 2014 0 comments

Fashion has many faces, from the normal casual outfit of jeans and tops to the extremes of fanciful designer creations. Fashion photography captures it all but the vision we see in the hottest magazines (rather than store advertisements) is often associated with the avant-garde runway style. In Fashion Photography Next by Magdalene Keaney, the viewer is presented with images that can be best described as bold and ultra modern (even a bit strange but always wonderfully memorable).


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