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Wireless camera remotes are fairly common these days but most offer only limited control over your DSLR or mirorrless camera. That changes with the new and sophisticated Pulse remote camera trigger from Alpine Labs, which combines pro features with an easy-to-use interface and a surprisingly low introductory price of $89.

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Joe Farace Posted: Jun 03, 2016 1 comments

The Pentax K-1 ($1,796.95) is the first full-frame (36x24mm) SLR from the company since it introduced the legendary LX film camera back in 1980. The Pentax K-1 has a 36.4-megapixel sensor that lacks an anti-aliasing filter to increase sharpness and image quality, a trendy feature these days. Pentax spins it differently by including an AA Filter Simulator that eliminates moiré without requiring a physical anti-aliasing filter.

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Michael Muller’s fantastic photos of sharks are so realistic they look like they are going to jump off the page (or screen) and gobble you up. Fortunately, a limited edition version of his new shark book comes with some added protection: It’s wrapped in its own metal shark cage.

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For Canon lens fans, the wait finally ended when the company took the wraps off the new EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM, a relatively compact super-telephoto zoom that has been hotly anticipated and frequently rumored about for years.

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NY-based photographer Richard Renaldi embarked on his “Touching Strangers” project in 2007, in which he has complete strangers pose together for an affectionate portrait. Since then he’s set up his 8x10 view camera in cities across the U.S. and asked passersby to interact as though they were close friends or loved ones.

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Photography is a good thing right? We all enjoy the craft, and hopefully our images even bring pleasure to others. But according to some psychologists, spending too much time taking pictures can actually impair our memory and affect how we interpret the world around us.

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We all know the drill: You post some images online, and BOOM—you’re barraged by a bunch of snarky comments from other “photo experts” finding fault with your work. That’s what happened to London-based photographer Sean Tucker, and his video below offers some great advice for the next time this happens to you.

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Photographer Simon Bruty first came to Zambia in southern Africa in 1993 on assignment for Sports Illustrated. The story, unfortunately, was a sad one.

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In my review of the original Platypod Pro I suggested that it was “Quite possibly the coolest camera support around.” Well, here’s news: it just got bigger—and better. 

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Selfie stick haters rejoice: Here’s a 14-second tutorial that illustrates everything you need to know to take great self-portraits with your DSLR without using a selfie stick or other form of camera support. Of course you need to be in zero gravity so your camera will gently float in front of you while tripping the shutter with a remote trigger.