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IIf you’ve ever wrapped your mirrorless or mid-size DSLR in a baby blanket (or stack of microfiber towels) before snugging it away in your backpack, the Miggo Strap & Wrap is for you. It’s a comfortable camera strap that can convert into a cool case on command.

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Today’s Shutterbug Photo of the Day is this lovely, seasonal image by Otto L Danby II. Danby shot the image with a Canon XS at 1/100 sec, f/8, ISO 200, and Sigma 70mm EX DG Macro lens.

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Adorama has released a bevy of new lighting products as part of their award-winning Flashpoint accessory line. The latest releases include the Flashpoint Auto Stand (in 7' and 9’ models), the Flashpoint Telescopic Reflector Holder, and two new Flashpoint Flip-Flash Brackets. All items are now available with free shipping.

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Feb 19, 2015 0 comments

Adobe Photoshop, the popular innovative imaging software, turns 25 today. At this point, it's hard to deny that Photoshop touches much of the imagery that surrounds us: from striking commercial photos to high-impact logos; the apps on your iPhone; the sleek design of your running shoes; and blockbuster movies.

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Today’s Shutterbug Photo of the Day is this ghostly, futuristic shot of the DC Metro by Kirk Johnson. Johnson actually shot this with his Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, proving that you don’t always need a traditional camera to get a cool looking image.

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[Column Note: Most people come to professional photography by traveling a familiar route: from an early fascination with cameras, to photo classes and courses, followed by assisting a pro to gain some real-world experience. Then comes striking out on one's own as photographer, which, if all goes well, is followed by the frequent printing of invoices. Others, however, arrive at a pro career sideways—that is, coming at it from another occupation. The stories these "second career" pro photographers tell tend to be quite interesting, even inspirational. And those stories are what this new online column, titled Going Pro, is all about.]

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Shutterbug has just launched an exciting new Instagram photo contest with Ogden Made bags! Every Friday, we will pick our favorite photo on Instagram and the winner will receive a free Junction City Messenger Medium bag from Ogden Made.

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Today’s Shutterbug Photo of the Day is this artistic shot of a forest by Henk Goossens. Goossens didn’t provide any background info on how or where he shot this image nor did he say what type of gear he used.

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Photographer Edy Hardjo likes to put superheroes in some of the strangest of positions. Hardjo's popular Facebook page is filled with hilarious images of action figures, including many iconic Marvel and DC chacters, in humorous and often human-like scenarios.

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Modern digital cameras perform so well under dim light at high ISO settings that some photographers haven’t used a camera flash for months (maybe even longer). Well, here’s a news flash for them: for a small investment and a little practice they can turn most shoe-mount flash units into a controllable package of portable sunshine.


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