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Shutterbug Staff Posted: Jun 09, 2014 0 comments
A new generation of photographers are reinventing photography with mirrorless digital cameras. They no longer differentiate between still and motion pictures; theirs is a seamless view of photos and videos. By thinking outside the established paradigms of photography from capture to display—they increasingly focus on the seamless integration of still and video, mobility, fast social sharing, and spontaneity. This generation is defined not by age or tradition but by the desire to make creating unique visuals a vital part of their lives and professions.
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Shutterbug Staff Posted: Oct 14, 2013 0 comments
From its earliest days, Canon realized that in addition to providing professional photographers with world-class imaging products, those products should be backed up with world-class service and support. Canon’s goal has always been to pay attention to all customer touch points, and not only meet expectations, but exceed them.
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Shutterbug Staff Posted: Dec 10, 2012 Published: Nov 01, 2012 28 comments
Our Picture This! assignment this month was “Panoramics,” and we asked readers to send us a wide view unattainable by using a single lens, or to crop a wide shot so it had an aspect ratio that mimicked the format. The eye cannot possibly see all that a panoramic photo offers in one glimpse, whether it be in looking at the print or especially in the field.
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Shutterbug Staff Posted: Dec 20, 2012 Published: Nov 01, 2012 12 comments
In the fall of 2011 my wife and I traveled to the Charlevoix region of Quebec known for its spectacular autumn foliage. Unfortunately, the weather was uncooperative with heavy rain, dark clouds, and high winds.

Disappointed but undeterred, I pocketed my Fuji X100 to explore the local vibrant artistic community. I came across the veranda of a local artist’s boutique and my mood immediately improved. The whimsical and creative display with the “Commedia dell’Arte” surreal theme reminded me of children playing joyfully in the rain.

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Shutterbug Staff Posted: Apr 01, 2011 0 comments

I was looking for an access path to the ocean to shoot the sunrise one brutally cold morning in November at Seabrook Beach, New Hampshire. The temperature was so low my eyes were tearing up so I sat down on this bench to unload my gear and blow on my hands.

When the sun came up a calm rushed over me. I got so caught up in the amazing light of the sunrise that I put my camera...

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Shutterbug Staff Posted: Apr 01, 2011 1 comments

Many photographers want, need, and hope for a practical, affordable digital solution that can produce instant on-the-go prints. Enter the HiTi P110S PocketStudio.

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Shutterbug Staff Posted: Apr 01, 2011 1 comments

Our reader assignment for this month was to explore a quality of light that brought out a glow in subjects and scenes. For the most part that meant working with strong backlight and sidelight in hazy or low-light conditions, but readers also, we note, added glow of their own through some post-processing steps. While this was okay with us for the most part, adding excessive glow that was not...

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Shutterbug Staff Posted: Mar 01, 2011 1 comments

Our Picture This! assignment was “Reflections” and we received many excellent images that took the assignment to the next level. Readers responded with reflections from many possible surfaces, including ponds, glass buildings, metallic objects, and more. The idea was to make the reflection part of an overall composition, to have it further reinforce the design, color, and forms of...

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Shutterbug Staff Posted: Mar 01, 2011 9 comments

I had passed this long-abandoned, one-room prairie schoolhouse near Elk City, Kansas, hundreds of times over the years and each time I resolved to stop the next time to photograph it. Except for the chimney and tin roof, there had been no apparent effort to preserve the building, which is now on private property. Finally, on a hot, cloudless July morning, after 25 years of procrastination, I...

Shutterbug Staff Posted: Feb 01, 2011 Published: Mar 01, 2011 30 comments

We are sad to report the passing of photographer Don Gale. We had the pleasure of working with Don on a number of Shutterbug workshops, and his skill at teaching, his masterful work, and the pleasure of his company were always well regarded by his many students and us. We would also catch up with Don at numerous teaching venues and trade shows, where he would be leading seminars or inspiring...


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