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You have common sense enough to know that you need a spare battery, high capacity memory cards, USB card reader and, for sure, a subscription to Shutterbug, so we won’t restate the obvious. But there are a few other things you really should have to maximize the fun and function of your new camera.

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KILLSPENCER’s Van Styles Special Edition Camera Straps: KILLSPENCER and Van Styles have teamed up to create two new special edition camera wrist straps. Skillfully handcrafted in KILLSPENCER’s Los Angeles workshop, the product merges functionality with the beauty of minimalist design. The KILLSPENCER x Van Styles Camera Wrist Strap is crafted from durable, stylish black leather and embossed with Van’s logo in two color options: Noir and Gilded. 

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Our Shutterbug Photo of the Day by Fabio Montes is a lovely close-up of a mother bird feeding her hungry children. 

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The hot topic for serious shooters going into the New Year: Should you stick with the traditional DSLR system that has served you splendidly, or opt for one of the latest mirrorless compact system cameras that promises to deliver the full interchangeable lens shooting experience in a smaller, lighter package?

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It was an incredible year on with many of our online photo stories posting record traffic numbers in 2015. In looking back at which articles were the most popular for us in 2015, I’m struck by the diverse range of topics that drew interest from readers.

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Our Shutterbug Photo of the Day by Esmail Golshan Mojdehi features a lazy stream flowing through the cool green forest.

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We all know that accidents happen but we try very hard to avoid them. In the brief and very effective video below (which was created by B&H Photo, Brilliant Champions and OnTime Studios) we see a sight that every photographer has come to dread: camera gear being dropped onto a hard surface with devastating and destructive results.

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National Geographic anounced the winners of its 2015 photo contest today and they are spectacular. Thousands of talented photographers from around the world submitted their amazing images in the following three categories: People, Places and Nature. Here are the Grand Prize, First Place and top Honorable Mentions.

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Every pet parent understands the fact that no dog can resist a tasty treat—and they’ll go to great lengths to get them. 

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The Sony A7R II is a mirrorless, compact system camera with a full-frame sensor and extremely high resolution. The A7R II records images with 7952x5304 pixels and while the more than 42MP resolution is not as high as the sensor resolution of the Canon EOS 5DS, it provides images on the same level as digital backs for medium format cameras.


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