Student Union - Joe Hoyle

Photos © 1999, Billy Joe Hoyle, All Rights Reserved

Billy Joe Hoyle

Southeast Museum School of Photography, Daytona Beach Community College
Daytona Beach, Florida

Currently. In the final year of a three-year program in photography.

Goals. "To be a photojournalist; an assignment photographer for a major magazine. My dream assignment would be to have the opportunity to cover events that make history; to be a witness to history and capture it on film."

Why Photojournalism? "I've always had a passion for history and art, and photojournalism combines them. As a photojournalist I can pictorially document history."

Influences. "Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Robert Capa, and my favorite, Sebastiao Salgado."

Education. "Before I started school I would see things but wouldn't know how to express them in the photograph. The school has taught me how to take my vision and incorporate it into a photograph."

Cameras. Canon AE-1, Leica M6.

Film. Tri-X 100 and 400; Provia 100 and 400.

Billy Joe Hoyle was recommended to us by Patrick Van Dusen, program manager, Southeast Museum School of Photography at Daytona Beach Community College.

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