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And The Winners Of The Millenium Vote Are...

When we asked our readers for their opinion on what was the most groundbreaking piece of photographic equipment, we had no idea the responses would be so vast. Since no one piece significantly stood out with the most votes we decided to list all the responses we received. Some may have occurred to you some may even surprise you. And the winners are...

35mm Camera · Autofocus Cameras · Integrated Circuit Video Camera · Kodak Roll Film · Celluloid Film · Autofocus Camera Lens · Electronic Flash · Autofocus Nikon F5 · Dedicated TTL Electronic Lighting/Flash · Dry Film · Roll Film · SLR Camera Design · Integrated Body-Lens-Flash TTL Technology · Polaroid Land Camera · f/2.7 Lens Designed by Petzval and Built By Voigtländer in 1840 · First Daguerreotype · Film · Flexible Manufactured Film · Autofocus Cameras and Lenses · Flexible Roll Film · Focal Plane Camera Shutter (First to Stop Subject Motion) · Leica M3 · 35mm SLR Camera · George Eastman's Invention of the Kodak No. 1 in 1888 · Polaroid Film · Digital Photography · 35mm Autofocus Camera with a Digital Back · High Speed Lenses of Excellent Quality · Invention of Roll Film · Large and Medium Format · Leica Camera Using 35mm Film · Light Meter · Mamiya Camera · 35mm Compact Camera · Digital Systems · Nikon F · Argus A Series · Nikon F5 W/RGB Metering System and AF System · Old Tent-Type Camera Set-Ups · Original Leica (1925) · Original Leica 35mm · Digital Camera · Polaroid Camera · George Eastman's Development/Invention of Roll Film · Leica M · Polaroid Land Instant Films · Quality and Varieties of Film · SLR Camera · Vertical-Travel (Copal Square) Shutter for 35mm Cameras · Zoom Lens · The Ability to Fix an Image Permanently · The Merging Of Photography and Digital Photography · Stereo Camera · Cameras Which Permit the All-Digital Acquisition of Images Best Represent the State of Photographic Equipment Today · Leica Cameras · Polaroid Instant Camera System

Congratulations to Carol E. Littman from Blackstone, Virginia who will be receiving a free one year subscription to Shutterbug magazine. Carol's vote was: The 35mm camera has been the most groundbreaking piece of photographic equipment, because of its portability. It is also the root of many of the continued advancements to make current photography inviting and exciting.

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