Olympus Introduces High-Speed xD-Picture Card

Olympus has introduced the H512 MB Type H-Series xD-Picture Card, a new high-speed memory media designed for ultra-compact digital cameras.

The new memory card uses the latest storage technology to pack 512 MB of memory and high-speed performance onto an ultra-compact card measuring just 25mmx20mm1.7mm.

The H512 MB enables users to store approximately 250 shots averaging an image size of 8 megapixels with an Olympus digital still camera in HQ mode (the default high-quality image setting). The card's high-speed data-transfer capabilities achieve write speeds up to 2-3 times faster than the Standard and Type M xD-Picture CardTM when used with Olympus digital cameras.

The letter "H" is printed on the new H-Series media cards alongside their memory capacity. The xD-Picture Card logo is printed on the product in a distinctive blue (rather than in gold/silver, as with earlier series). The H512 MB does not work with all digital camera models. Please check the Olympus web site for details. www.olympusamerica.com.

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