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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Jan 14, 2015 0 comments

Today Adobe announced the availability of Lightroom mobile for Android phones. Lightroom mobile is a companion app to the Lightroom 5 desktop software—part of Adobe Creative Cloud. First released for iPad and iPhone, Lightroom mobile offers users the ability to edit, organize and share images anywhere and anytime.

Built on cloud sync architecture, Lightroom mobile is an efficient way to manage/edit images across desktop, mobile devices and the Web. With the Creative Cloud Photography Plan, users have access to pro quality photographic workflows on desktops and smartphones, allowing users to perfect images on any device.

Dan Havlik Posted: Jan 14, 2015 0 comments

Fujifilm launched a trio of snazzy compact cameras this morning: the X-A2 mirrorless compact system camera, the premium XQ2 compact model, and the XP80 tough model.

The Editors Posted: Jan 14, 2015 1 comments

Today’s Shutterbug Photo of the Day is this regal photo of an eagle captured by Lorenzo Cassina. Cassina shot the image with a Nikon D80 and Sigma 70-300mm lens. His settings were 1/100 sec, f/5.6, ISO 400.

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Dan Havlik Posted: Jan 14, 2015 2 comments

In the wake of a controversial federal plan that would force photographers to buy a pricey permit to film on federal wilderness areas, a new act named after one of America’s most famous and beloved photographers has been proposed. The bill, called the Ansel Adams Act, would also allow photographers to record the actions of police and government employees in the line of duty.

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Steve Meltzer Posted: Jan 14, 2015 0 comments

An American Odyssey (Taschen 2014) is a spectacular photo scrapbook voyage across turn-of-the-century America. Gathered from the 19th and early 20th century “color” print and picture postcard collection of photographer Marc Walter, with the assistance of documentarian Sabine Arqué, it is a huge 612-page coffee table book that tips the scales at nearly 16 pounds.

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Cynthia Boylan Posted: Jan 14, 2015 0 comments

Metz has unveiled the new Mecablitz 26 AF-1, a compact flash unit with high-end features. The new pocket-sized Mecablitz 26 AF-1 is designed for use with compact point-and-shoot cameras and mirrorless interchangeable lens camera systems (with built-in hot shoes), providing more power than integrated camera flashes.

The Editors Posted: Jan 13, 2015 1 comments

Today’s Shutterbug Photo of the Day is this splendid image of nature captured by Douglas Croft. Croft shot the image in the Big Sur region of the Central Coast of California.

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Dan Havlik Posted: Jan 13, 2015 0 comments

We know that the season for buying “stocking stuffers” has long passed but how can any self-respecting analog photography lover pass on these salt and pepper shakers designed like film rolls?

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Joe Farace Posted: Jan 13, 2015 0 comments

If there is any one technical aspect that has not changed in the transition from film to digital it’s been the pursuit of “perfect” exposure, which is ultimately dictated by the latitude of the capture medium. Latitude is the extent to which film or an imaging chip can be overexposed or underexposed and still produce an acceptable result.

Dan Havlik Posted: Jan 13, 2015 0 comments

If you want a shot of inspiration to motivate you to go out and shoot great photos, check out the beautiful video below, titled “Before You Wake Up.”


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