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When discussing photography gear, Joe Edelman likes to say “Keep it simple, stupid.” That’s exactly what he does in this quick video tutorial that will teach you how to make dramatic portraits and beauty shots with one monolight or speedlight and a single reflector.

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Gabe Rogel gets a kick out of viewers’ reactions to his photographs. “It’s fun,” he says, “to watch people look at the pictures and realize, Oh, you had to be there, too!”

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Is that your shutter snapping or your teeth chattering? If cold weather is bad for your body, it’s even worse for your camera body. Moisture of any kind is a camera killer. And freezing temperatures contribute to everything from internal condensation to diminished battery performance. Herewith, then, are my seven favorite cold weather tips and accessories. 

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Register to win a Lowepro ProTactic Camera Bag ($249.95 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

"Never miss a critical mission with ProTactic. Lowepro's popular high-capacity camera backpack features 4 points of access for two cameras and 5 modular accessories. Includes All Weather AW(tm) protection cover."

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A new book by British astronaut Tim Peake features a breathtaking collection of photographs he took while about the International Space Station (ISS.) The book is entitled “Hello, Is this planet Earth?” and features 150 stunning images—many of which have never been seen before.

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Indigenous peoples in remote parts of the word tend to be rather wary of outsiders—especially when they have a camera pointed in their face. But Turkish photographer Mehmet Genc uses a simple method to put his subjects at ease: He just tells them “You are so beautiful.”

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The BBC has just released an extended trailer for the sequel to their wildly popular Planet Earth Series. Directed by Sir David Attenborough, Planet Earth II picks up where the original 2006 series left off, and is scheduled for release in the U.S. on January 28, 2017 and will be broadcast every Saturday on BBC America.

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Sebastien del Grosso is a Paris-based photographer/graphic designer who is fascinated with Star Wars and super heroes. In his “Le Cosmos de Star Wars" series he uses backlit images of miniature action figures to create striking scenes that appear quite realistic.

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Photographers have long been challenged when attempting to capture the splendor of big mountain ranges, both in terms of equipment and geography. In his quest to document Italy’s Dolomites, Kurt Moser decided to go really big, by converting a 45-year-old Russian military truck into a giant camera.

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We’ve seen some impressive aerial photography through the years, but the recent work by the Russian group AirPano is right up there with the best. The 12-person, not-for-profit team consists of nine photographers and three tech specialists who use planes, helicopters and drones to capture these mind-blowing images.