Sinar eXposure

Sinar eXposure is a state-of-the-art, ICC based application for capturing, processing and exporting images shot with Sinar digital camera backs. Sinar eXposure is the result of the amalgamation of Jenoptik's Eyelike Capture Pro and Sinar CaptureShop. Shortly after Sinar joined the Jenoptik group in 2005, development on eXposure commenced, resulting in the new product.

In order to optimize workflow as well as long time storage abilities, the image data is stored in the Adobe DNG format, allowing processing of the raw data in third-party software packages. This first release is mainly geared towards the fashion, portrait and location photographers. It supports the Sinarback eMotion family, i.e. Sinarback eMotion 75 and 75 LV, eMotion 54 LV, and eMotion 22 with all camera/shutter systems supported by these Sinarbacks.

The Sinar Hy6 medium format camera system is fully controllable through the intuitive eXposure interface as well, allowing control of settings such as focus, aperture, time and release, among others. Future releases will have added features such as support for additional Sinar and Eyelike back types, support for the proprietary Sinarback (*.sti) filetype along with further benefits. This present version of Sinar eXposure supports Apple Macintosh computers with both PowerPC (G4/G5) and Intel processors with Mac OS 10.4.x and 10.5.x. Sinar will be showing the eXposure Software for Windows based personal computers at photokina in Cologne.

Sinar eXposure and its future updates can be downloaded for free from the Sinar website after registration. In order to be updated on further releases of Sinar eXposure sign up for the monthly Sinar newsletter (

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