PMA 08; Film, Paper, And Darkroom

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As would be anticipated in this ever more dominant digital world, there were very few new offerings from silver-based film and paper firms, and even less for the conventional darkroom. Here are the few items I did locate:

Fuji has the new Fujicolor Crystal Archive Preferred color reversal RA-4 process paper that's said to offer vivid color reproduction, brilliant whites, and excellent image stability. It's available in both sheet and roll formats, has a thicker base, and is available in glossy only. It has sensitometric compatibility with the similarly named Crystal Archive Type II paper.

Kodak announced a new, improved emulsion for all of the Kodak ULTRA MAX color print 400 and 800 speed films in 35mm size. The family of Kodak Professional PORTRA 400NC and 400VC color negative films in 35mm and 120 now has even finer grain and excellent skin tones. A new emulsion overcoat is designed for use with scanners for digital output workflow. Kodak Royal is a thicker paper for consumers that is offered in standard print sizes for RA-4 processing. Kodak Professional Ultra Endura High Definition Paper combines high gloss and an iridescent surface. It's a high-contrast premium photo paper for commercial applications in 40 and 50" roll widths.

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Nieelektronowe skręty

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