Pixel Professional Photo Accessories

Argraph Corporation announced that it is the exclusive distributor of Pixel Pro Photo Accessories.

The Pixel “King” series of wireless TTL flash triggers are for advanced DSLR cameras and flashes that allow little room for wires and cables. Simply attach the King transmitter onto the camera hot shoe, and the receiver under the dedicated TTL flash and you’re ready to shoot.

The King can fire the flash up to 1000 feet (300m) away from the camera, provides TTL control for Canon, Nikon and Sony camera systems and can control your camera so that it can sync with flash at speeds up to 1/8000 second, plus offers high speed sync even with studio strobes.

The Pixel King uses the 2.4GHz frequency for reliable, repeatable results. To make sure you can work with multiple users, the King offers 7 channels that can be setup into 3 different groups. This allows the photographer to prepare different lighting setups and switch them on and off – in any combination – without having to physically touch the strobes.

For flash units that have power zooms, the King transmits a signal that adjusts the flash zooming as you zoom your lens. And to help your camera focus in low-light situations, the King’s transmitter has a powerful focus assist light built-in.

To keep the King current with camera firmware upgrades and new camera models, it has a USB port that lets you upgrade online.

For added control, you can set 1st curtain or 2nd curtain synchronization and red-eye reduction (Nikon and Sony). And you can easily mix and match TTL and manual flash units.

The Pixel King kit includes the transmitter and receiver, connecting cable, USB cable and universal flash holder. Both units use 2 AA batteries (alkaline or rechargeable).

All Pixel products come with a 2+1 year U.S. warranty. Pixel Photographic Accessories are distributed in the U.S exclusively by Argraph Corporation and are available from photo retailers nationwide. For more details on Pixel products, please go to www.argraph.com.

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