A new crop of Android-capable cameras and apps are coming our way.

A new crop of Android-capable cameras and apps are coming our way.
I'm excited by the idea of being able to download apps right to my camera.
20% (11 votes)
I put image quality at the top of my list and always see that as my first camera and lens priority.
53% (29 votes)
I use an iPhone or Android OS phone for quick sharing and apps and am not interested in having this in my camera as well.
27% (15 votes)
Total votes: 55
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The galaxy tab that I have right now has a new crop of Android-capable cameras and apps which is good. The ipad has its own apps that are very useful.

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What people wanted is the quality of every image results, the resolutions in particular. Well, I hope iOS developer should come up to a new innovation like what Samsung did for their latest Galaxy Camera powered by Android. I am not saying that iPhone or iPad don't have those capability from using any application, but they should also have a unique device that mainly for camera and photo capturing purposes.


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I'm very excited with this one. Image if I can buy real fans and create a facebook fan page using my camera.

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