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Here’s something you probably never expected me to write about: men’s shorts. To be specific, they are OKC Mesa Cargo Shorts and I bought them online from Cabela’s on sale for $15. There is a label inside that says “The Original Khaki Company” along with laundering instructions. That’s all I could find to identify the manufacturer.

What makes them important? There are two pockets in back and two deep pockets in the front. On the outside of each deep front pocket there is a smaller, flap-covered pocket. So far it’s a fairly conventional design, right? Here’s the differentiator. On the right side, where the flap-covered pocket is attached, there is a hidden pocket deep enough to hold a pintsized compact camera safely and comfortably.

As you can see from the image above, a Nikon P300 slips easily into the hidden pocket, safe from cars keys, lens caps and loose change.

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I wonder if you remember me from Altman Camera Co.

Hi John,
I saw your name and thought I'd say hi. I'm not even sure if this is you but thought I'd take a chance. If this is not you, my apologies.
I worked in still cameras and enjoyed sellign Leicas; Bob Moy was in charge and I believe that you were also a manager.
With that in mind I enjoy reading your articles that you write.
Robert Chesrow

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