Grip-Head GH-2522 "Enterprise"

The Sunbounce Grip Head GH-2522 will replace both the discontinued GRIP-HEAD "THE PRO" and "THE BIG". The GRIP-HEAD ENTERPRISE comes with several new and outstanding features. The two tunnel clamps are differently sized, and perfectly match both the tube sizes SUNBOUNCE uses. The GRIP-HEAD ENTERPRISE can be used with any SUNBOUNCE frame except the Sun Scrim 20 x 20. The GRIP-HEAD ENTERPRISE is perfectly developed for the Sunbounce System and is a super strong high quality aluminum product. Its two clamps are twice as long compared to the GRIP-HEAD PRO or BIG and allow an even better grip of the frame, yet the GRIP-HEAD ENTERPRISE weighs 135 grams less than the GRIP-HEAD BIG.

As the GRIP-HEAD ENTERPRISE replaces the GRIP-HEAD PRO and BIG, it will be included in all Starter Kits that are shipped from their warehouse as of February 1st, 2011.

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