EXUS Digital Camera Filters by Marumi

Argraph Corporation is introducing the new EXUS line of high-tech camera lens filters made in Japan by Marumi Optical Co. Designed to maximize the performance of advanced digital SLR cameras (DSLRs), EXUS filters provide newly developed, patented features that can enhance image quality on both digital and film cameras.

The EXUS line consists of two essential filters – Circular Polarizer and Lens Protect – in 13 sizes from 37mm to 82mm. EXUS filters feature a new anti-static low-reflective coating, a patented glass securing system, and other innovations that improve image quality. The unique new EXUS Multi-Layer Coating is both anti-static and water and oil repellent, to protect lenses from dust and pollutants while allowing easy cleaning of water spots and fingerprints.

Designed to protect your camera lens, the EXUS Lens Protect is a clear, transparent filter with surface reflection of less than 0.3% that does not affect the visible light range. In addition to its excellent low-reflection characteristics, the filter features a new antistatic coating that protects the lens from static clinging of dust and dirt, while allowing easy cleaning of water spots and fingerprints. The EXUS Lens Protect glass is flatter and stronger than conventional filters. Designed to protect a camera’s expensive lens system from scratches and impact, EXUS Lens Protect is essential gear for both digital and film photographers.

The EXUS Circular Polarizer dramatically enhances color contrast purity and saturation by suppressing the subject’s surface reflection. By providing exceptional light transmission, the EXUS Polarizer makes colors in the viewfinder appear brighter with more contrast, allowing easier viewing and faster, more accurate auto-focus. The unique new EXUS Antistatic Multi-Coating protects the lens from static clinging of dust and dirt, while allowing easy cleaning of water spots and fingerprints, making EXUS Circular Polarizers especially useful for shooting outdoors. This essential filter for shootinglandscapes and scenery is ideal for both digital and film cameras.

Because the entire outer rim of the lens is treated with black-ink and features a special frame structure, the filter achieves ultra-low reflection of less than 0.6%. With suppression of surface reflection the filter enhances the camera’s lens performance to its maximum, achieving high-quality photography.

Marumi Filters are distributed in the U.S exclusively by Argraph Corporation and are available from photo retailers nationwide. For more details, please visit http://www.argraph.com/Marumi-EXUS-Homepage.html.

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