Epson Black-and-White Print Video Series

Epson has launched a series of videos celebrating the Black-and-White print, available now on Epson’s website. Looking back to the traditional Black-and-White darkroom for inspiration, the new tutorials offer unique insight into the latest digital Black-and-White printing workflows for both novice and more experienced photographers. In addition, in-depth interviews from John Sexton and Kim Weston – two photographic icons who work with traditional Black-and-White tools – underscore the importance of the Black-and-White print.

“To many, the Black-and-White print is the very definition of photography,” said Dan (Dano) Steinhardt, marketing manager, Epson America, Inc. “We wanted to capture what Black-and-White has meant emotionally for generations of photographers and also provide a digital workflow foundation as we celebrate the Black-and-White print, be it traditional or digital.”

The video interviews with Sexton and Weston will be available as a four-part series, with a new part available every two weeks. From his gallery in Carmel Valley, Calif., Sexton shares his start in photography, working with Ansel Adams, and his amazing body of work produced with traditional Black-and-White film, chemistry and paper. Weston, grandson of Edward Weston, talks about his photographic heritage from his grandfather’s original home and darkroom on the Monterey Peninsula, as well as his workshops and his own highly collected traditional Black-and-White work.

In addition, four video tutorials are available, featuring digital Black-and-White printing workflows. Taped in the digital lab at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops using Silver Efex Pro™ 2 and an Epson Stylus® Photo R3000, video topics include:
- Getting Started: An introduction to digital Black-and-White printing with inspiration from the traditional darkroom
- Next Steps: A step-by-step tutorial of several Black-and-White conversions and the final steps for printing
- More Advanced: A more advanced, step-by-step Black-and-White printing workflow tutorial
- For Windows User: A step-by-step overview on Black-and-White printing for those using Windows 7

For more information about the Epson video series, visit

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I've learned a great deal by just watching the video tutorials online offered for free. Now you have the option to make your photos black and white or just simply the original. - Scott Safadi

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