Datacolor SpyderCAPTURE PRO

Datacolor announced the availability of SpyderCAPTURE PRO, a bundled product package featuring essential tools for photographers to manage color throughout the digital workflow process. The kit, which allows photographers to reliably assess and adjust images from capture to post-production, enabling true-to-life reproduction of images, includes four popular Datacolor Spyder products: Spyder4ELITE, SpyderCHECKR, SpyderCUBE and SpyderLENSCAL.

With SpyderCAPTURE PRO, photographers, designers and imaging professionals can calibrate autofocus in cameras and lenses with the SpyderLENSCAL, control contrast and white point balance with SpyderCUBE, control color balance with SpyderCHECKR, and calibrate displays, such as a computer monitor or laptop, iPads, iPhones, televisions (optional upgrade) and projectors, with Spyder4ELITE. Offering greater control over color management, the tools included in the bundle offer precision performance and are easy to use both in studio and on location.

SpyderCAPTURE PRO comes in a rugged aluminum case for convenient protection and storage that allows for easy transportability. The package comes complete with a one-year warranty and free online support from Datacolor. SpyderCAPTURE PRO retails for $399 and is available now. For more information on SpyderCAPTURE PRO, please visit or email:

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Datacolor launches SpyderCAPTURE PRO™- the complete colour input and
autofocus suite. SpyderCAPTURE PRO is the ultimate bundle to capture and view your images in stunning true color.It provides all the essential tools to manage color from the beginning to end of your digital workflow.This bundle kit was designed for photographers, designers and imaging professionals to capture true color images..

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