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Super plan and setup. Makes me want to try the same with a tripod. Doesn't have to be that long of a shot, even 1/2sec would be enough, or a bit more for effect.

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Thank you very much. If memory serves me correctly this image was made at f5.6 or f8 for the flash and > 1/15 sec for ambient lighting. I was about 10 feet from the horse and panning rather rapidly. It took a few practice pans and this is the only image I made. I must admit I got very lucky. I can hardly wait for the fair to open this year to try some more. We do have a carousel in town I may practice on but I'm not sure if the horses or other animals have as much character as this one.

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Try getting on the ride and snap a shot of the horse while the baackground is spinning, not the horse. :) That's why I suggested a tripod and a lengthened exposure of maybe 1/2 sec. Could be interesting...

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Great idea. I cant wait to try that! Thanks again.

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