Book Reviews

The Art of a Wedding: How to Get Award Winning Photos at Every Wedding!; by Cherie Steinberg Coté of CherieFoto;; $14.95.
In this informative eBook Cherie Steinberg Coté explains to brides why choosing the right photographer and knowing what you want is a vital part of planning a wedding. She provides a wonderful selection of helpful tips and tricks to improve each shot from posing to lighting, fashion, hair, makeup, placement of the cake, and group shots.

Brett Florens’ Guide to Photographing Weddings; by Brett Florens; Amherst Media; $34.95; (ISBN: 978-1-608952-74-8)
Brett Florens is one of the top artists in the highly competitive world of wedding photography. In this informative guide he uses his years of professional experience to provide an impressive selection of top-quality tips and tricks that are certain to raise the quality of your work to the next level. Florens covers every topic from equipment selection and posing to the hottest photographic styles, marketing your work, and talking to clients. He thoroughly covers every stage of the event from the pre-wedding meeting to before and after the ceremony and the reception. This is a complete course that covers every aspect of this most important day.

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