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Editor Nov 12, 2009 66 comments
Our review of the Canon G11 in an upcoming issue is part of our quest to find the ultimate “second” camera for DSLR owners. We’d like to know if you:
Briefly comment on what camera you might have selected as your “pocket” digital image taker.
Just carry your DSLR as your main and only camera
18% (30 votes)
Have a second digital camera as a “constant photo companion”
70% (117 votes)
Are still searching for that second camera
13% (21 votes)
Total votes: 168
Editor Oct 08, 2009 61 comments
High-ratio zoom lenses certainly are convenient, but may give up speed for convenience. Prime, fixed focal length lenses generally are faster, but obviously do not offer the convenience of zooms. Do you currently own a fast, fixed focal length lens?
Please comment briefly on what you see as the advantage of a fast prime lens.
Yes, I count on it for low light and shallow depth of field.
36% (64 votes)
No, I enjoy the convenience of zooms and don't need another lens in my kit.
32% (56 votes)
I carry both all the time.
32% (56 votes)
Total votes: 176
Editor Sep 14, 2009 67 comments
Many effects filters previously available for the lens are now easily added using software. However, some photographers still use UV or Sky filters for lens protection, and a polarizer, grad and ND filters as light modifiers. Do you still work with filters over the lens?
Please comment briefly on the filters you think are useful. If you shoot IR please mention your favorite IR filters.
Yes, but only for protection of the front element.
21% (56 votes)
I still use polarizing, ND and grads over the lens.
76% (198 votes)
I don't bother with filters anymore.
3% (7 votes)
Total votes: 261
Editor Aug 13, 2009 30 comments
Social networking has become a big part of photo sharing these days, so we'd be curious how you share your photos with the world. While we realize that you might be doing a combination of outlets, please pick the one you go to first in your sharing scenario.
Please comment briefly on your social network photo sharing experience, and what you think works best.
Web page
20% (37 votes)
33% (61 votes)
31% (56 votes)
16% (29 votes)
Total votes: 183
Editor Jul 15, 2009 65 comments
With the advent of software plug-ins and image processing filters now built into cameras, do you still see a need for add-on filters for your lenses?
Please briefly describe what filter (s) you use and why.
Yes, there are still good reasons to use lens filters.
62% (187 votes)
No, I don't use any filters over my lenses.
36% (108 votes)
I am not sure what use filters are these days so haven't made up my mind.
2% (5 votes)
Total votes: 300
Editor Jun 09, 2009 38 comments
There are now many device, and soon many cameras, that record GPS data. Do you utilize GPS data in your photography? If you do how does it help in your work? If not, would you consider using it if you knew there were easy, viable ways to automatically track location using software?
Briefly comment on how you use GPS data in your photography, or how you might use it if you had the gear and software.
Yes, I use GPS now.

22% (45 votes)
No, I have never used GPS data and am really not interested.

59% (119 votes)
I need to learn more about it.

18% (37 votes)
Total votes: 201
Editor May 14, 2009 95 comments
Video has become a standard feature on many new D-SLR cameras. Does inclusion of this feature sway you towards a D-SLR over anther that lacks it?
Please comment briefly on your thoughts on video and still combination D-SLR cameras.
Yes, I really like the convenience of having video in my D-SLR.
17% (52 votes)
No, I could care less about video in my still camera.
67% (203 votes)
Maybe, but price and overall performance features would be more important to me.
16% (47 votes)
Total votes: 302
Editor Apr 14, 2009 42 comments
In-camera image processing includes curve control settings, color adjustments and even, with the new Olympus models, some "art" filters. Does this strike you as convenient and a great way to handle image attributes when you make the image (saving time in processing later) or do you prefer to do all or most of your processing after downloading?
Please comment briefly on the attributes you set in the camera, even if you shoot raw.
I like the fact that can a lot of processing work done by the camera and don't want to be bothered later.
50% (83 votes)
I shoot raw only and do all my processing later.
36% (59 votes)
I shoot raw but still set up the camera for certain image attributes and let the camera microprocessor handle certain tasks.
14% (24 votes)
Total votes: 166
Editor Mar 13, 2009 99 comments
We all know that digital image file backup is important. How do you currently back up your image files?
Please comment briefly on your backup strategy.
I have them on the hard drive and will back them up some day.
29% (155 votes)
CDs and DVDs
20% (108 votes)
External hard drive
49% (261 votes)
3% (14 votes)
Total votes: 538
Editor Jan 16, 2009 89 comments
If a good, family oriented digital camera were made here in the US would you try your best to buy one?
Please comment briefly on this topic.
) Yes I would and I think that we should encourage manufacturing here in the US.
71% (234 votes)
Not necessarily; I would buy based on other considerations.
29% (94 votes)
Total votes: 328