September 29, 2009
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How-To – Self-Publish Your Photo Book
Industry Perspective – “Frankencamera” Could Revolutionize Photography
What's New This Month – Nik, Sandisk, Sony, Arca-Swiss, and WD
How-To – Hands-On Exposure Control
Vote! – Do you still work with filters over the lens?
Workshops – Learn and Show
Shutterbug Forums – Your Photo & Digital Imaging Source

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Self-Publish Your Photo Book
A Great Way To Show And Share Your Images

by Joe Farace

Most photographers dream of accomplishing two things in the publishing world: The first is having their work featured in a national publication such as Shutterbug, National Geographic, or maybe Playboy and the second is showcasing their photography in a coffee table book. I can’t help you with that first goal but I sure can with the second. Even though I am author or co-author of 30 books produced by several different book publishers, some of my recent books has been self-published and the reasons for doing so are the same reasons that I’m going to suggest you try self-publishing.
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Industry Perspective
“Frankencamera” Could Revolutionize Photography
by Ron Leach, Publisher

Scientists at Stanford University are attempting to revolutionize photography with the development of a unique “open-source” digital camera platform they say will provide programmers with the freedom to fine-tune a camera’s response to light and motion, adding their own algorithms to process raw images in innovative ways.
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What's New This Month
Nik Contest Winner Nik Contest Winners Announced
The recent photo contest hosted by Shutterbug Magazine and Nik Software, Inc. resulted in hundreds of beautiful entries being submitted.

Sandisk Unveils World's Fastest 32GB SDHC Card
SanDisk Corporation has introduced the fastest 32-gigabyte SDHC card on the market.

Sony Full-Frame Alpha 850
Aimed at experienced shooters looking for value and sophisticated SLR performance, Sony has introduced the full-frame (alpha) DSLR-A850 camera and a new 28-75mm F2.8 lens.

The M-Line two: An All-Round View Camera
ARCA-SWISS has developed two new view cameras, the M-Line two Single Lens Reflex and the M-Line two Medium Format.

WD's New Dual-Drive
WD introduced its newly redesigned My Book World Edition II dual-drive network storage system in capacities of up to 4 TB.

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Hands-On Exposure Control
Creative Metering For Expressive Results
by Ibarionex R. Perello

When I began as a photographer, my biggest concern with metering was having an image that just “came out.” That simply meant that the exposure was accurate and the image wasn’t severely under or overexposed. If I had a decent exposure from which I could make a good print, that was all that mattered.
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Many effects filters previously available for the lens are now easily added using software. However, some photographers still use UV or Sky filters for lens protection, and a polarizer, grad and ND filters as light modifiers. Do you still work with filters over the lens?
Please comment briefly on the filters you think are useful. If you shoot IR please mention your favorite IR filters.
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Private Film Or Digital Workshops With Steve Anchell
Salem, 1-day, weekend, or 5-day workshops. Contact: Anchell Photography Workshops, 503-375-2163, website:

John C. Campbell Folk School
Looking For Light. Free catalog with course descriptions. Contact: John C. Campbell Folk School, One Folk School Road, Brasstown, NC 28902, 800-Folk-SCH, website:

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