January 31, 2006

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Our March, 2006 issue is just about to arrive in mailboxes and hit the newsstands, and Shutterbug fans will notice lots that's new. It starts with our new cover logo and watchwords, "Tools, Techniques and Creativity." It extends to inside, where a look at our revamped Table of Contents shows how those watchwords come to life, with each article and column organized accordingly. There's also a new layout and design, which we think makes it even easier to find and read all the great articles inside.

What hasn't changed is our great content and our mission. It's to provide you with the best photo and imaging magazine available today, written by experienced photographers for serious photographers. We hope you enjoy the new design, and some of the surprise features and new columns we've included, in this and every issue of Shutterbug. And of course we welcome your comments and suggestions.
George Schaub
Editorial Director
Color The Way You Want It
by George Schaub

Color is a subjective experience. Yes, there are defined color spaces, and gamuts and color meters that define, measure and make suggestions for balancing color to be as “true” and accurate as anyone could desire. But for photographers color is what they see and want to communicate, not always what objective measurement might indicate. For film photographers, especially those who shoot slide film, the color “profile” is determined by how the film emulsion is structured and how one exposes and develops the film. Push a film a stop and color will change; underexpose slide film and the color will shift accordingly. For color print shooters, the color is initially described by the film structure, but very much interpreted by who is making the print and on what paper they might be printing.
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Introducing the NEW Microtek CX6 Multimedia Digital Projector.
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Eliminate Distracting Backgrounds
By Ron Leach

All photographers are familiar with the basic concept of eliminating distracting elements from photographic compositions. But when you’re concentrating on making the most of an intriguing photo opportunity, is easy to overlook a cluttered background that can ruin an otherwise great image. So the next time you’re caught up in the excitement of picture-taking, be sure to pay attention to the background in your scene and make sure that it works to your benefit.
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Nikon To Discontinue Most Film Cameras and Related Accessories
According to an announcement issued by Nikon UK, the company intends to concentrate its efforts on digital cameras and accessories, and plans to discontinue production of most film cameras, manual focus lenses and related accessories.

Konica Minolta Withdraws From Photo Business
In a sad but not totally unexpected development, Konica Minolta has announced its withdrawal from the camera business, effective March 31. Despite its long-time expertise in optics and electronics, Konica Minolta did not develop its own image sensor technologies—a fact that the company said made it increasingly difficult to offer competitive photographic products in a digital age.

Triple-Interface External Hard Drives From Iomega
Iomega’s new triple-interface 7200-RPM external hard drives range in capacity from 160GB to 400GB, are whisper-quiet in operation, and include USB 2.0 FireWire 400, and FireWire 800 interfaces for maximum versatility for both Mac and PC users. With pricing starting at $199 for the 160GB model, $279 for the 250GB model, and $429 for the 400GB model, the units are packaged in an attractive, rugged enclosure with a high-gloss black finish.

Xenofex 2 Special Effects Plug-Ins
Electrify And Enliven Your Photos

by Howard Millard

Alien Skin has been a leader in special effects plug-ins for years. With Xenofex 2, they’ve added five new filters and enhanced nine existing ones for a new package of 14 hot effects. You can simulate natural phenomena such as realistic clouds, spectacular lightning, or electrical discharges. Burn the edges of your photos and crumple them for an antiqued look. Add cracks, stains, punch holes, and/or shatter your image. Transform your subject into a constellation of stars, a jigsaw puzzle, or intricate mosaic colored tiles. Want an edgy contemporary portrait? Use the Television filter to add scan lines, distortion, and ghosting.
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Scanning For A Gallery Exhibition
We Test The Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400

by Howard Millard

Getting quality scans to make big enlargements from 35mm slides or negatives has always been a challenge. After trying a number of scanners currently on the market, I’ve found one that offers an exceptional array of features at a competitive price. The fact is, the Minolta DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400—which started shipping last fall—has set a new standard for 35mm desktop film scanners.

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A number of companies have recently announced organizing and editing tools specifically aimed at digital photographers, including Apple's Aperture, Adobe Lightroom and acdsee's pro. Do you currently make it a regular habit to organize your images carefully after downloading?
Briefly comment on the organizing software you currently use, or how you track and catalog your digital images.

Anchell Photography Workshops
Steve Anchell is a contributing writer to Shutterbug and Rangefinder magazines. He is also the author of The Darkroom Cookbook and is working on a companion title, The Digital Cookbook. He has been teaching photography since 1979. For more information visit his website at www.anchellworkshops.com.

The Best Of America: Photographers 2005
Kennedy Promotions is producing its second unique new book series, with 200+ winners featured in a beautiful soft cover book listed with major online booksellers. Deadline: February 15, 2006. For more information or to download an entry visit our website at www.bestofartists.com.

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