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There's something about a good black and white image that makes it jump off the page. It should be simple, direct, and hit you right between the eyes. It stands on its own. It doesn't even need color to make it stand out. It has a full range of tones from a true, deep black all the way to a clear white...with detail throughout.

What kind of...

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Paul Aresu
I had worked before with some of the other Explorers. I had even employed and trained one of them. But I had never before experienced the likes of Paul Aresu, a New York-based commercial photographer. His clients are like a who's who of dream customers. Aresu is a freestyler. He shoots just like all the commercial photographers you see in...

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When I began photographing weddings professionally in 1947 I never would have believed that I would have a studio in Switzerland in the '70s. I also never would have believed that I would have the opportunity to photograph a wedding in Paris, of all places, in the 21st century! Well, not exactly in Paris, but a few miles beyond the Paris borders in the small town of...

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I've always said, "See the finished picture before you even snap the shutter!"

Well, sometimes it doesn't work, especially now that we're able to do so much postproduction work in Photoshop. Such was the case recently in Savannah, Georgia, when I photographed sculptor Bob Friedman. I wanted to do a strong character portrait because of...

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Isn't it time that we simplify and clarify what portrait lighting is about? I think so! Many photographers are afraid to photograph indoors, because they don't know what to do with light. Others go outdoors and take snapshots, because they don't know how to control light.

I was fortunate enough to learn one simple lighting pattern that works for...

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Making black and white photographs in the darkroom was never as exciting as it is now on the computer. I spent many years developing my own negatives and making prints. I settled for a lot less quality then than I'm getting now from my digital images. Plus, there is absolutely no waste. If I'm not happy with the results I simply go back a few steps in Photoshop and...

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Throughout my lifetime as a photographer I've met strangers who have later had a tremendous impact on my life. Many times, events have had an impact on me as well. This time it was people, place, and timing.

I was teaching a class in Gouverneur, New York. Well, at least I was trying to teach a class. In reality I was so sick I could hardly get out of bed. For...

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The sun will come out tomorrow...or even tonight if you need it! Yes, you can now have your window light wherever and whenever you need it. You can turn it on 24/7! Plus, you can move the window from one side to the other if you want to turn your subject's face in the opposite direction. It's all about some new lighting being produced by Westcott (800-886-1689;

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I 've often heard it said that the teacher learns from his students. Such has certainly been the case for me. My Photoshop guru, Eddie Tapp, was in my classes years ago when he was first becoming a photographer in Dallas. Now, I study with him every time that I get a chance to attend one of his five-day classes...

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Photos © 2004, Monte Zucker, All Rights Reserved

My philosophy in my work: I don't photograph the world as it is; I photograph it as I want it to be. So, yes, I'm an incurable romantic. I confess.

Some of the portraits here were created digitally within the last year or two; some were created in the "olden" days before digital (25-30...