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Ledgo Value Series Daylight AC/DC Sony LED Panel 900 2-Light Kit, Includes Daylight LED Panel 900, 8.0' Air Cushioned Stand, Interfit Stand Bag


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The Ledgo Value Series Daylight AC/DC Sony LED Panel 900 2-Light Kit provides a core kit for image makers on location with or without access to mains power. The kit includes 2 Value Series Daylight LED Panel 900 lights, each complete with yoke, power supply V-Mount battery plate, 3-piece filter set and nylon bag. Two air-cushioned 8' light stands and a stand bag are also included. The Value Series Daylight LED 900 is a 54W light panel with a 5,600K daylight color balance that generates 6,850 lumens, producing 8,690 lux at 3.28'. Customize your light with the included soft light diffusion filters or a tungsten conversion filter. Every Ledgo LED Panel comes with an AC power adapter and a metal yoke with a 5/8" receiver. The Ledgo Value Line of LED Panels provides users with an affordable lighting solution without requiring them to sacrifice quality. All panels in this range feature a 95 CRI rating, stepless power adjustment, lightweight polycarbonate housing, barn doors and an integrated V-Lock battery plate for field work without access to mains power.

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