December 26, 2007

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Alien Skin Software’s Exposure 2
A “Film Stock Simulator” And Special Effects Package In One

by George Schaub

Not long ago we reported on Alien Skin’s Exposure software, which allows you to pick a certain “look” for images based upon attributes of certain films, past and present. (Go to Equipment Reviews: Software on the Shutterbug website at At the time we found it a fun and effective way to play with images with push-button ease. Now the company has released a new version of the software that still contains (and greatly expands upon) the film-look offerings as well as numerous other push-button and user-controlled effects. It allows you to play numerous “what if” games with images, all of which are quite imaginative. According to the company, the algorithms they apply to images are “developed from a detailed, scientific analysis of current and discontinued color and black and white print and slide stocks.”
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The leading international conference and trade show, PMA 08 hosts retail entrepreneurial memory makers from around the world, encouraging the discovery of more opportunities, professional development, and the inspiration to act on emerging trends. PMA® members help people everywhere create, keep, display and share memories through pictures.

Trends in Camera Sales
By Ron Leach, Publisher

As the year draws to a close and everyone prepares to take a few days off to celebrate the holidays, we thought we could also celebrate photography with some quotes from a few luminaries of the craft.

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The EIZO ColorEdge CG241W is suited to photographers looking for accurate and stable on-screen display of color and near-perfect color matching with their prints. Advanced features include a wide color gamut with 96% Adobe RGB coverage, 12-bit hardware calibration, and a digital uniformity equalizer function that ensures brightness and chroma are displayed evenly across the entire screen.


Leaf AFi Medium-Format Digital Camera
Leaf has announced the new Leaf AFi – a next-generation, medium-format digital camera.

Wintec Chosen by Eye-Fi for World’s First Wi-Fi Memory Card Manufacturing for Digital Cameras
Wintec Industries, Inc. has been chosen by Eye-Fi, Inc. to manufacture the world’s first wireless memory card for digital cameras..

Sony's Latest Camera Holds 40,000 Photos
Sony’s new mega-capacity Cyber-shot® DSC-T2 digital camera is an 8-megapixel model that features 4GB of internal memory and can store up to 40,000 VGA-quality photos.

Interfit– 5 In 1 Reflector Kit
Interfit is pleased to announce the arrival of a simple solution for handling the remarkable qualities of reflected light out in the field or in studio environments.

onOne Software Announces Essentials 2 for Adobe Photoshop Elements
onOne Software, Inc., has announced the availability of Essentials 2 for Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Adorama's Affordable Carbon Fiber Tripods
Adorama has announced its new series of reasonably priced Flashpoint carbon fiber tripods.

Phase One and Mamiya Digital Imaging Form Strategic Alliance
Phase One A/S and Mamiya Digital Imaging Co., Ltd. today announced a strategic alliance to develop innovative, open platform-based medium format digital camera systems and solutions for professional photographers.


ColorVision|Datacolor products have become the most recognizable and honored color calibration brand in the world. ColorVision creates digital imaging innovations for graphic designers, creative professionals and professional photographers that are affordable. Each product is designed to take the "work" out of a color managed workflow so you can concentrate on what really matters - your creativity.

What’s My Used Camera Worth?
by George Schaub

As film cameras go down in sales and digital camera sales soar, many photographers wonder just what their film, and indeed older digital cameras are worth. We get emails almost every day with such queries, and while we do not or cannot set the market price for any goods, we certainly appreciate the concern about past money invested in gear and how one or another camera, lens, etc. has fared in the used marketplace. While there are numerous resources for finding this information, you first have to figure out the spread between use value and market value of any photographic gear. When you dig deeper you find that there can be quite a bit of difference between the two.
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Now that Nikon has announced that it will indeed be coming out with a full-frame sensor DSLR, does a full-frame sensor matter that much to you, or do you feel the current sensor size in DSLRs deliver the goods?
Please comment briefly on your thoughts on Nikon's move to offer a full frame sensor and how it might affect your buying decisions in the future.

2007 National Photo Awards 2007 NATIONAL PHOTO AWARDS
Monthly Photo Contests. $500 top prize. Online & mail-in entry available. Contact:, $500 top prize. Online & mail-in entry available.

Kubota Image Tools Announces Spring 2008 Digital Photography Bootcamp Workshop
Kubota Image Tools is pleased to announce its 15th Digital Photography Bootcamp workshop April 20-25, 2008. Bootcamp, taught by renowned photographer Kevin Kubota, is a 5-day workshop for professional photographers designed to supply all of the technical know-how to run a successful digital portrait/wedding studio; at the same time, it encourages continued development of a photographer’s unique style and creativity.

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