December 27, 2005

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A Look Back: Big Changes, but Some Things Have Remained the Same
by George Schaub

Thinking about the past is natural at this time of year, when part of what we do is recognize change as being part of the natural cycle of life. In photography, massive changes have taken place that affected us all. So as part of my New Year reminiscences I’d like to take a ten-year or so look back at what has changed, and in some cases what has remained the same.

Ten years back there was no Internet, and certainly no Internet commerce. And ten years back there was one little thing that was bubbling below the surface called digital, and if there’s one certain change that even those who have been asleep recognize it is that digital has changed all that came before.
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Embrace The Unusual
By Ron Leach

The light meter in your camera is designed to deliver accurate results by measuring the amount of light reflected by all objects within its angle of view. The resulting exposure setting is based upon the usually correct assumption that the average of these tones is a medium gray. That’s why reflected light readings require interpretation and compensation when photographing very light or overly dark subjects. Thus, when photographing dark subjects with a reflected light meter, it’s necessary to reduce your exposure by 1 1/2 or 2 stops. Similarly, open up an equal amount when photographing white subjects so that they aren’t rendered a dirty gray.
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Adobe Creates The Ultimate Messenger Bag
Adobe Systems has collaborated with MEDIUM Design Group of Santa Barbara, CA to create the ultimate messenger bag for digital photographers and other creative professionals.

Digital Image Café Announces Special Rate
Digital Image Café, the premier photo contest site on the web, is raising their price for membership from $20 a year to $25 starting January 1st 2006. Shutterbug readers can get a annual membership for $15 for a limited time.

Tamrac Introduces Sleek Photo Backpack
Tamrac’s new Adventure 7 photo backpack is cleverly designed to not look like a camera bag, enabling photographers to transport their expensive gear with less risk of theft.

Extensis Portfolio 8 Offers Easier Sharing
Extensis has unveiled Portfolio 8, the latest edition of their popular digital asset management solution.

Image Editing With Paint Shop Pro 9
A Software With Its Own Approach And Style

by Jon Sienkiewicz

For certain tasks, Paint Shop Pro 9 produces results faster and easier than other products in its category. For novices, or for those among us who haven’t mastered all of the intricacies of more sophisticated software, this latest version of Corel’s popular image editor provides simple and satisfying solutions for some of digital imaging’s more complicated problems. In this article I’ll cover three specific situations where Paint Shop Pro 9 does a great job.
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Turn Off Your Flash For Digital Images
Continuous Light Sources Make A Comeback

by Joe Farace

There’s an old photographer’s joke that goes: “If God invented light, then the devil invented fluorescent light.” How times do change. With digital capture, fluorescent light can be your friend and I don’t mean those long tubes hanging in lighting fixtures from the ceiling. I’m talking about a new breed of portrait lighting tools designed especially for digital photography. So what’s the big deal and why is fluorescent a great source of lighting for digital imaging?
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Affordable DSLRs are becoming more widespread. But integral lens digicams with 10X and 12X zooms are also available, with prices close to or lower than even affordable DSLRs. Which type best fits your style of photography? Please comment briefly on how you weigh these options when making a buying decision.

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