October 30, 2007

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Noise and the Digital Image
by George Schaub

On a recent rainy weekend I had an opportunity to delve into some “old” CDs of images made with digital cameras from the turn of the century, from about 2000-2002. My aim was to consolidate the images and various tests I have done for Shutterbug and a consumer digicam book we published way back when. My first foray was into the digicam images (integral lens cameras, usually of the 3-6MP range.) These included shots from just about every manufacturer’s cameras, so what follows is not an indictment of any one model or brand.
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Drobo is the World’s First Storage Robot
Drobo completely manages your data storage so you don’t have to. You don’t have to worry about configuration or the complexity of RAID. You can start with just two drives, grow to four and then upsize smaller drives as your capacity needs to increase.

The Co-Existence of Film and Digital
By Ron Leach, Publisher

A new survey of 9,000 professional photographers throughout the United States indicates that 75% of those questioned plan to continue using film for certain applications, even as they embrace digital photography. According to the survey conducted by Eastman Kodak Company, 68% of the respondents claim that they often prefer the results they achieve from film as compared to their digital images.

A Kodak spokesman explains that the results of this survey mirror those of a similar study conducted recently in Europe, where more than two-thirds of the participating professional photographers said they plan to continue using film.
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The EIZO ColorEdge CG241W is suited to photographers looking for accurate and stable on-screen display of color and near-perfect color matching with their prints. Advanced features include a wide color gamut with 96% Adobe RGB coverage, 12-bit hardware calibration, and a digital uniformity equalizer function that ensures brightness and chroma are displayed evenly across the entire screen.


Turn You Hobby Into Cash
It’s time to take the plunge and get shooting not just for fun, but for profit. Dicover a new way to make your hobby pay.

Epson Launches PictureMate Dash and PictureMate Zoom
For people who want a quick and easy way to print stacks of durable, professional quality photos, Epson America Inc. is launching its newest line of compact photo printers.

Shutterbug Learning Center
The Shutterbug Co-Op is a compilation of resources gathered by the Editors that allow you one-click access to an array of software free trail software, how-to tutorials from a variety of manufacturers and other information of interest to photographers.

Wacom’s Bamboo Pen
Wacom Technology Corp. has introduced Bamboo, an all new family of pen tablets.

Distagon T* 2/28 SLR Lens from Carl Zeiss
The Zeiss Distagon T* 2/28 is a new, high-speed, wide-angle lens complementing the line of advanced SLR lenses from Carl Zeiss.

BenVista Releases PhotoArtist 2
BenVista has announced the release of PhotoArtist 2, software for creating picturesque artwork based on digital photos.

Ilford Launches Galerie Gold Fibre Silk For Inkjet Printing
In line with the market transition from the darkroom to the digital arena, Ilford set itself the benchmark of producing the equivalent of a classic air-dried, gloss, black and white fiber based silver image print using current inkjet digital technology.


ArcSoft Panorama Maker® 4 Pro seamlessly transforms any series of overlapping photos into a gorgeous panoramic image. This professional software application features several controls including automatic select, arrange and anti-ghost tools. It even lets you adjust and edit your stitched image manually if needed. Download your free demo from www.arcsoft.com.

It Can be Tough to Be a Photographer These Days
by George Schaub

We all know the hazards of the photojournalists’ trade, those brave men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to be a witness to our times. They become the eyes and conscience of the world, and many have paid the ultimate price for the dedication to their work. While more than worthy of praise and discussion, the topic here is not about photojournalists but about everyday photographers and teachers and how the state of mind within our society is making it tougher to be a photographer these days.

Though quashed to a certain extent, proposed permit rules for photographers in New York City are a case in point. The proposed rules required city-issued permits and proof of insurance for any person using a handheld camera in any public area if in a group of two or more for more than thirty minutes. (Let the roundup of tourists begin.) Furthermore, the new rules would require small groups using a single tripod for more than ten minutes to obtain a permit. (Gentlemen, raise your ISO!)
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Focal Press

PhotoShop Fun from Focal Press! Get 20% off selected titles at barnesandnoble.com! Featuring new titles such as Adobe Photoshop Layers by Richard Lynch and How to Cheat in PhotoShop CS3 by Steve Caplin as well as bestsellers from Martin Evening, Philip Andrews and Mark Galer.

At the recent Photo Plus show numerous companies, both printer manufacturers and "third party" paper manufacturers introduced so-called "fiber-based" inkjet papers. These emulate the look and feel of fiber based silver papers of the past. The ironic aspect of this is that many of the people to whom these papers are being marketed have never printed in the darkroom, and have little understanding of the difference between fiber and RC papers. If you are doing your own inkjet printing in your home or studio, do you relate to their marketing message?
Briefly comment on what papers you currently use for inkjet printing.

Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist brings her amazing, true story—and images—to the Sundance Photographic Workshop
Confronting hostile soldiers, armored tanks, food poisoning, 104 degree fever and the overwhelming misery of African refugees while on assignment in 1997, photojournalist Martha Rial encountered—and captured—human and social cataclysm on an unimaginable scale.

Sundance Photographic Workshop students aiming for great shots at the Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Buckaroo Fair
Students at the November 8-12 Sundance Photographic Workshop will have a unique opportunity to capture performers backstage at the 2007 Cowboy Poetry Gathering and Buckaroo Fair in Heber City, Utah. The popular event—billed as a celebration “to promote the cowboy way of life through music, poetry and art”—annually draws visitors from around the world.

Kubota Image Tools Announces Spring 2008 Digital Photography Bootcamp Workshop
Kubota Image Tools is pleased to announce its 15th Digital Photography Bootcamp workshop April 20-25, 2008. Bootcamp, taught by renowned photographer Kevin Kubota, is a 5-day workshop for professional photographers designed to supply all of the technical know-how to run a successful digital portrait/wedding studio; at the same time, it encourages continued development of a photographer’s unique style and creativity.

Photographer/Publisher Andrew Hudson teaches “Successful Self-Publishing” at Sundance Photographic Workshop
Awarding-winning photographer and accomplished self-publisher Andrew Hudson will share the secrets of his success at the Sundance Photographic Workshop, November 8-12, 2007. Conducted in the creative, inspirational environment of the Sundance (Utah) Resort, Mr. Hudson’s “Successful Self-Publishing” course will teach students all the elements of creating, printing and selling their own large-format coffee-table book.

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