September 25, 2007

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Shutter Lag
Or, Why We Don’t Review Digicams

by George Schaub

We have gotten some letters from readers asking why we don’t normally review integral lens digital cameras, or what we call digicams. One reason is that they come and go so quickly. It’s not unusual for a digicam to be on the market for four to six months, tops. Another is that there are hundreds of them, with perhaps 15 or more in every manufacturers lineup. Frankly, we feel that we want to dedicate our magazine pages to techniques to help improve image quality and tools that will stay in circulation more than a few months, rather than those that are around until the next blip in megapixel count or the latest wrinkle in face recognition software. But the main culprit is in a not so attractive attribute of the vast majority of these cameras—shutter lag.
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Drobo is the World’s First Storage Robot
Drobo completely manages your data storage so you don’t have to. You don’t have to worry about configuration or the complexity of RAID. You can start with just two drives, grow to four and then upsize smaller drives as your capacity needs to increase.

Turning Your Hobby Into Cash
By Ron Leach, Publisher

While all Shutterbug readers are serious about imaging, some consider photography a career while others shoot for the pure pleasure of the creative process. We regularly hear from a third type of photographer: photo enthusiasts who don’t want to give up their day jobs, but would still like to supplement their incomes by selling their imagery.
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The EIZO ColorEdge CG241W is suited to photographers looking for accurate and stable on-screen display of color and near-perfect color matching with their prints. Advanced features include a wide color gamut with 96% Adobe RGB coverage, 12-bit hardware calibration, and a digital uniformity equalizer function that ensures brightness and chroma are displayed evenly across the entire screen.


Nikon D300 Nikon Introduces D300 Pro Digital SLR Camera
Nikon has introduced its most advanced DX-format digital SLR camera, the D300. Engineered with pro-level features and performance, the 12.3 effective megapixel D300 combines brand new technologies with advanced features inherited from Nikon’s newly announced D3.

Shutterbug Learning Center
The Shutterbug Co-Op is a compilation of resources gathered by the Editors that allow you one-click access to an array of free trail software, how-to tutorials from a variety of manufacturers and other information of interest to photographers.

Nikon D3 “Full Frame” Digital SLR
Nikon has introduced the D3 – a new digital SLR camera with a 12.1 effective megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor, measuring 23.9 x 36mm, which is nearly identical to the size of 35mm film.

Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR
The EOS 40D DIGITAL SLR Camera from Canon U.S.A., Inc. is scheduled to begin sailing into stores in early September.

Canon U.S.A.’s 21.1-Megapixel EOS-1Ds Mark III Digital SLR
The new 21.1-megapixel, full-frame Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Digital SLR is said by the company to be capable of entering the realm of high-fashion and commercial photo studios where bulkier, medium-format cameras previously reigned.

Samsung Launches Next Generation of NV Digital Cameras
Samsung Camera has introduced three new models to its NV series of advanced point & shoot digital cameras – the eight mega pixel NV8, 10 mega pixel NV15 and 12 mega pixel NV20.

Seeing Pictures
Balance and Form
by George Schaub

Every photographer sees in different ways. The sense of what makes a picture, however, often comes from shared cultural influences, an innate sense of balance and the way shadow, color and highlight interplay in the scene. It’s what makes you snap the shutter at a certain moment, or makes you pick up the camera and start working, that is perhaps the most fascinating aspect of photography. The way you frame your images, and the subjects you choose to include in the frame is something that you might be hesitant to analyze, fearing that too much rationalization will lead to formulaic approaches to your work. But visual introspection can have its rewards, leading to further picture possibilities and a way to hone your compositional skills. It’s not forcing pictures—it’s taking the way you see “seriously”, and respecting the fact that your photography is anything but accidental.
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With Nikon's recent announcement of a "full frame" DSLR, do you think that we are beginning to see a break between advanaced amateur and "pro" DSLRs based upon sensor size? If so, how does this affect your purchasing decision when shopping for a DSLR?
Please briefly describe your purchasing decision when shopping for a DSLR?

Sundance Workshop Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist brings her amazing, true story—and images—to the Sundance Photographic Workshop
Confronting hostile soldiers, armored tanks, food poisoning, 104 degree fever and the overwhelming misery of African refugees while on assignment in 1997, photojournalist Martha Rial encountered—and captured—human and social cataclysm on an unimaginable scale.

John Paul Caponigro and Mac Holbert To Host Encore “Fine Art of Digital Printing” Workshop
Epson America Inc. has announced that John Paul Caponigro and Mac Holbert, two of the pre-eminent leaders in digital photography and fine art printing, are joining forces to conduct the “Fine Art of Digital Printing” workshop for a second time in the state-of-the-art digital printing labs of Brooks Institute of Photography. Offered due to the overwhelming response to their first joint session in June, the encore workshop Oct. 29-Nov. 2 in Santa Barbara, Calif., will provide one-on-one instruction with access to today’s leading digital printing technology.

Artistry Retreats Celebrate 4th Anniversary with Move to Paradise
Starting with the upcoming Artistry Retreat and The Artistry GARTEL Marketing Seminars September 24-28, 2007, the Artistry Retreats' 4th anniversary, photographers will not only learn techniques for creating paintings from photos and marketing them, but will also be privileged to bask in the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean from the world-class luxury of the Villa Graziadio Executive Center at Pepperdine University, nestled in the tranquil Santa Monica mountains in exquisite Malibu, California.

Kubota Image Tools Announces Spring 2008 Digital Photography Bootcamp Workshop
Kubota Image Tools is pleased to announce its 15th Digital Photography Bootcamp workshop April 20-25, 2008. Bootcamp, taught by renowned photographer Kevin Kubota, is a 5-day workshop for professional photographers designed to supply all of the technical know-how to run a successful digital portrait/wedding studio; at the same time, it encourages continued development of a photographer’s unique style and creativity.

Photographer/Publisher Andrew Hudson teaches “Successful Self-Publishing” at Sundance Photographic Workshop
Awarding-winning photographer and accomplished self-publisher Andrew Hudson will share the secrets of his success at the Sundance Photographic Workshop, November 8-12, 2007. Conducted in the creative, inspirational environment of the Sundance (Utah) Resort, Mr. Hudson’s “Successful Self-Publishing” course will teach students all the elements of creating, printing and selling their own large-format coffee-table book.

The Photography Competition / Art Competition 2007 is an international contest organized by TCB-Cafe Publishing of San Francisco. The contest aims to develop and raise the visibility of photographic and creative graphics talent, in the form of a competition and the resulting book publication. The culmination will be a beautiful book publication, showcasing the competition winners, and gracing the libraries of museums, galleries, individuals and collectors, as well as appearing in stores throughout the world.

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