June 24 , 2008

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Basic Color Manipulation
by George Schaub

Whenever I work with images for corrective or creative ends I am struck with the incredible malleability of this medium, the many ways that image characteristics can be changed. I am not talking about specials effects, which in, and of themselves, are quite amazing, but just how simple it has become to change the basic components of color cast, contrast and even individual colors within an image. I guess many folks take this for granted now, but I can assure those of you who have not worked with film processing and printing that what you can do with an image these days would have been near impossible in the past. This amazing ability also makes the image a fairly relative thing, a conditional state that can be crafted to meet just about any end result desired.
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Tamron's AF28-300mm VC zoom lens features an anti-shake mechanism called VC (Vibration Compensation) that lets you take blur-free hand-held pictures at up to four times slower shutter speed than normal. The 28-300mm VC offers the convenience, comfort and versatility of an all-in-one lens that covers everything from standard to super telephoto plus macro.

Digital SLRs on the Upswing
By Ron Leach, Publisher

A new six-year forecast released by a leading market research firm serving the digital imaging industry points to digital SLRS as “the brightest spot in the digital camera market.” In their report, entitled “North American Consumer Digital Camera Forecast: 2008–2013, InfoTrends says that DSLRs represent growth far outweighing the increase in the digital camera market as a whole.
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New Lighting and Tripod Cases
Promark International has introduced new lighting and tripod cases: The Photogenic OB42 Lighting Accessories Case, the Smith-Victor Soft Case on Wheels and the Smith-Victor TB990 Pro Tripod Case.

Olympus E-520 Digital SLR
The new Olympus E-520 digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera offers Image Stabilization built into the camera body and Autofocus Live View.

Eye-Fi Unveils Family Of Products
Eye-Fi makers of the world’s first wireless SD memory card, announced an extended product line-up designed to make photo sharing easier and meet the needs of individual users.

4305 Cullmann Grounder/Macro Tripod
Manufactured of high-strength, super light aircraft alloy, the black anodized leg segments feature a unique octagonal profile which enhances the rigidity of the tripod.

Humibox Dry Cabinets
Different cities in different states in the US and Canada have varying humidity levels, some of which can detrimental to the life of your photographic gears and lenses.

In Appreciation of Telephoto Lenses
by George Schaub

Our August issue has numerous articles about applications of and tests on lenses, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some thoughts on a focal length range that I confess I have used infrequently in my work—telephoto lenses—and tell you why I have begun to use them more often these days. I have always favored wide-angle lenses, and if I had to choose one lens on that desert island where you can only have one of one thing it would be a 24 or 28mm. I have always enjoyed that focal length range for numerous reasons, mainly size and weight and the fact that I have always liked working in Aperture-Priority mode, where a wide-angle lens allows for great depth of field potential.
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The newest DSLRs coming to market seem to be split into two camps--those with LiveView and those without. Does LiveView functionality make that much of a difference that it might sway you to purchase one DSLR ove another similar model lacking that feature?
Please comment briefly on your experience, if any, with LiveView, or give your opinion on its potential benefit in your work.

Photographer's Warehouse 2007 National Photo Awards
Monthly Photo Contests. $500 top prize. Online & mail-in entry available. Contact: www.NationalPhotoAwards.com, $500 top prize. Online & mail-in entry available.

Photographer's Warehouse Amateur Photo Contest
Open Category Contest Submit photos at submit@photographerswarehouse.com. Contestants are eligible to win a Photogenic® AKC160 160 w/s Monolight. ($259.00 value) (no purchase necessary).Visit www.photographerswarehouse.com/Photo-Contest.aspx for contest rules and regulations.

Secret Italy – The Photography Workshop with Kevin Kubota
Kubota Image Tools announces that there are still spots available for professional and advanced amateur photographers that would like to attend Kevin Kubota’s 4th creative Italy photography workshop.

Monthly Cutekid Photo Contest. Submit photos on the website to win various prizes. The categories are Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, Big Kid, and Pre-Teen. Contact: www.TheCuteKid.com.

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