April 29, 2008

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A Camera Phone, or a Phone for Photographers?
Nokia N82

by George Schaub

There has been much debate recently about whether a higher megapixel camera phone could serve as a replacement for a point & shoot digital camera. The question is--if you carry a point and shot camera for the occasional snap, or to photograph an apartment you’re thinking of renting, or to catch a politician with a foot in his or her mouth, or just for a couple of quick snaps of the kids, why not have one device that does more than take pictures, rather than carry a phone and a small camera along? The answer has always been, quite simply, picture quality. Let a camera be a camera and a phone a phone, and each will do what they do best. But having just spent some time working with the Nokia N82 device (I hesitate to call it just a phone) that axiom might just not be true anymore.
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Photo Industry Supports Everest Climb
By Ron Leach, Publisher

At a time when world attention is directed toward the turmoil involving China, Tibet and the upcoming Olympics, it’s nice to see some positive news emanating from Nepal—especially when it involves the photo industry in support of an effort to raise awareness and money for Aids in Africa.

Canon, Nikon and SanDisk are providing equipment to a climbing expedition now on the flanks of Mt. Everest. The team hopes to scale the 29,035-foot peak in late May while focusing global attention on AIDS in Africa. Of the 33.2 million people living with HIV/AIDS today, Africa is home to 68 percent, or 22.5 million of those affected. The disease is the leading cause of death in Africa, with approximately 4,400 people dying every day from AIDS.
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The Sigma DP1
The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the Sigma DP1 compact digital camera featuring a 14 megapixel FOVEON X3 direct image sensor (2652 × 1768 × 3 layers) as used in the Sigma SD14 digital SLR.

Nikon's New Interactive Website
Nikon Inc. has unveiled a completely redesigned Web site with a new visual user interface that among other features utilizes images to display information about Nikon’s products and services.

Kodak and Wal-Mart Launch Nationwide Recycling Program
Eastman Kodak Company and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. have announced the launch of a national program to recycle used materials from in-store picture kiosks.

Bron Powerbox 900 Battery System
Visatec USA has introduced the Powerbox 900 battery solution for powering strobes on location.

Corel Introduces The Painter Factory.com Online Community
Corel Corporation a leading developer of graphics, productivity and digital media software, today announced that it has launched The Painter Factory, a new online community open to all Corel Painter artists and enthusiasts.

It’s (Way Past) Time for Some Standards
by George Schaub

One of the pleasures of this job is getting to work with a wide variety of cameras, printers and software. While the pace of change can be dizzying, and complicated, there’s no lack of new materials and discoveries to be made. Unfortunately, the pitfall of this is that a lot of time is spent (wasted) getting everything to work together, particularly when a new technology comes into play. The experience lots of photographers had with Vista, for example, points this out more than anything—the lack of compatibility with current gear was glaring, and many folks simply gave up and returned to XP. But operating systems are not the only culprit—it’s printers, papers and inks and especially Raw file formats. All seem made for a frustrating experience, one that calls out for some sanity and standards to be set.
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Given that camera phones today offer multimedia connections, and often have 5MP sensors, would you consider using one instead of your small digicam? This does not mean that you might replace your DSLR with the camera phone, but the pocket digicam you might ordinarily throw into your bag when you leave the house.
Please comment briefly on your experiences with camera phones and their connectivity features.

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Olympus has announced its inaugural “Photographers of Tomorrow” photo contest.

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