March 27, 2007

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The Case for Center Weighted Metering
by George Schaub

While today’s multi-pattern metering system found in most DSLRs are marvels of technology, you’ll notice that almost every DSLR also has other metering pattern options. The two main options, with variants available on some cameras, are center-weighted averaging and spot metering. Multi-pattern meters work with “zones” of light sampled from the viewfinder framing, with the brightness patterns compared to a look-up-table of exposure “solutions” to the “problem” the relationship of brightness values states. It’s quite sophisticated and works with microprocessors and sophisticated metering predictors, and works amazingly well much of the time. However, there are times when the other two patterns come into play, and while they hark back to metering systems used in the past (in pre-microprocessor days) they are still are effective for a number of lighting situations. In this quick tip I’ll focus on center-weighted averaging.
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Focal Press

Focal Press announces the fully updated 4th Edition of The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography
We would call this book no less than a bible... it is something to be studied and not simply read. Every serious photographer should have a copy. Pre-order your copy and receive 15% off the cover price. Visit or call 800-545-2522. Use code #89203 at check out to apply discount.

Innovative Digital Products
by Ron Leach, Publisher

We just returned from Las Vegas after attending this year’s PMA International Convention and Tradeshow, and one of the highlights of the event for those of us in the media is the “Sneak Peak” that takes place on the afternoon before the convention opens. This informal gathering provides an opportunity for members of the press to meet with exhibitors in a relaxed setting to discuss the latest trends, products and imaging technologies.

Each year a panel bestows the prestigious DIMA Innovative Digital Product Award to several products on display at the Sneak Peak. These products are recognized for their use of new technologies, and as such they offer a view of emerging trends. We don’t have room here to mention all 18 of this year’s winning products, so the following list omits compact/point-and-shoot cameras and products designed for minilabs, mobile phones, videography, scientific, law enforcement and medical/dental applications.
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Porter's Photography

Shop online at or request a free copy of Porter's large Digital, Photo and Video Catalog. You'll find top brands plus hundreds of hard-to-find items and accessories. Everything from cameras, lenses, flash, to studio lighting, darkroom, photo display and storage and much more. Porter's Camera Store


Nikon Introduces The D40x
Nikon has introduced the new D40x digital SLR camera.

Olympus Outlines the Next Chapter of its Professional DSLR and Family of Lenses
Olympus Imaging Corporation is pleased to announce the plans to significantly expand the Olympus E-System.

Adobe Unveils Plans for Two Editions of Photoshop CS3
Adobe Systems Incorporated has announced that it will expand its digital imaging product line.

Lexar High-Capacity Platinum II CompactFlash and Memory Stick PRO Duo Cards
Lexar has announced today that the company has further increased the capacity of its widely popular Platinum II flash memory card.

Microsoft Announces HD Photo, a New Imaging File Format
Microsoft Corp. has formally announced HD Photo, a new file format for end-to-end digital photography.

Lowepro Announces New Bag Lines
Lowepro has announced three new camera bag lines and styles.


ColorVision|Datacolor products have become the most recognizable and honored color calibration brand in the world. ColorVision creates digital imaging innovations for graphic designers, creative professionals and professional photographers that are affordable. Each product is designed to take the "work" out of a color managed workflow so you can concentrate on what really matters - your creativity.

The Passing of a Legend

World-renowned photographer, teacher, and long-time Shutterbug contributor Monte Zucker passed way at his home in Fort Lauderdale Thursday evening, March 15, 2007. He was 77. A special memorial, "Celebration of the Life of Monte Zucker" is scheduled for Sunday April 22nd in the Washington DC area. For details and updates, please go to

Life’s Most Treasured Moments
"I thought that I knew what family portraiture was all about. You know what? I didn’t have a clue. I discovered this not too long ago when doctors told me that I had cancer with possibly only 6-12 months to live. A statement like that puts an altogether different perspective on things."

"So, my family joined me for a weekend, more or less a love-in. A highlight of our get-together was the joy that we all felt as we poured through my old photo albums—pictures of me growing up, my family growing up, and photographs highlighting my career. I loved seeing the interest they all had in our family history. Especially of interest to me was the fact that everyone wanted to know more and more about their late relatives, in particular details about my parents, grandparents, etc."
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See on your prints what you see on your screen.
EIZO’s ColorEdge CE210W LCD monitor offers accurate and reliable color matching with your printouts. Featuring quick and simple 10-bit hardware calibration, Shutterbug calls this monitor a “no compromise solution for doing digital photography.”

At the recent PMA show a number of companies have announced plans to not only have WiFi cameras but also GPS capable units. Do you think that would be a useful and helpful feature in your digital camera?
Brifely describe how you might use GPS in your digital camera.

The Palm Springs Photo Festival
The Palm Springs Photo Festival is the West Coast meeting place of photography’s national and international community and has rapidly become one of the most extensive photo festivals in the U.S. and abroad, offering numerous invaluable opportunities to learn and network led by luminaries in the photography industry.

Panasonic Lumix To Launch Digital Photo Academy
Panasonic LUMIX will launch the Digital Photo Academy, a series of workshops for all digital camera owners who want to maximize their cameras’ features and create more rewarding and enjoyable photo experiences.

Travel Photography in Tuscany with Howard Millard
Longtime Shutterbug contributor Howard Millard is offering his “Travel Photography in the Digital Age” workshop in Italy May 12-19.

Adorama Launches Photography Workshop Series
Aimed at professionals, enthusiasts, and amateur photographers throughout the New York tri-state area, Adorama Camera, Inc. has announced the launch of an affordable new educational series, Workshops@Adorama.

Tamron Announces "Make You Mark" Photo Contest For Tamron Lens Users
The company is looking for images from photo enthusiasts that creatively capture a natural or manmade landmark.

LiveBooks Teaches National Geographic All Roads
LiveBooks, Inc. continues to support emerging, talented photojournalists with its sponsorship of National Geographic’s “All Roads Photography Project” by providing the winners of this year’s international competition with a hands-on workshop about web marketing best practices and their own liveBooks personalized website.

Ilford Black-And-White Challenge
The HP5 Plus Challenge, which applies only to Canada and the USA, runs until May 31, 2007, and is open to any Photographer using Ilford HP5 Plus. The special promotional boxes of Ilford Multigrade IV RC Deluxe, which are available from all Ilford Photo dealers while supplies last, include three free rolls of HP5 Plus film, whether or not the purchaser is willing to take up the challenge.

Digital Photography Workshops - Understanding Digital Photography
The mastery of digital imaging concepts and technology is essential for anyone working within the photographic arts today.

Anchell Photography Workshops
Steve Anchell is a contributing writer to Shutterbug and Rangefinder magazines. He is also the author of The Darkroom Cookbook and is working on a companion title, The Digital Cookbook. He has been teaching photography since 1979. For more information visit his website at

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