February 28, 2006

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Our April, 2006 issue is just about to arrive in mailboxes and hit the newsstands, and Shutterbug fans will notice lots that's new. It starts with our new cover logo and watchwords, "Tools, Techniques and Creativity." It extends to inside, where a look at our revamped Table of Contents shows how those watchwords come to life, with each article and column organized accordingly. There's also a new layout and design, which we think makes it even easier to find and read all the great articles inside.

What hasn't changed is our great content and our mission. It's to provide you with the best photo and imaging magazine available today, written by experienced photographers for serious photographers. We hope you enjoy the new design, and some of the surprise features and new columns we've included, in this and every issue of Shutterbug. And of course we welcome your comments and suggestions.
George Schaub
Editorial Director
A Special Report from the PMA Show
by George Schaub

In light of recent developments, and with products unveiled here at PMA, it’s clear that manufacturers are aiming their efforts at bringing out cameras that equal, and hopefully exceed the “film experience.” And they are doing so in increasingly sophisticated ways. Yes, there are product differentiators—high zoom ratios, image stabilization, ever slimmer sizes, large LCD monitors, on-board presentation software and clever technology that overcomes some of the past failings and foibles of the digital camera realm. Yet, as the megapixel race fades into marketing history, we’re seeing more concentration on technology at the sensor and processing level, the heart of matter when it comes to image quality.
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Framing Techniques
By Ron Leach

Framing your subjects with natural or man-made objects is a classic compositional technique that can be used in a variety of ways to add impact and focus to your photographs. We’re not talking about the abundant software products that enable you to add frames to your images (although these can be very impactful too), but rather elements within your scene itself, like foliage, doorways, windows, and the like.
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Easy-to-Use Monitor Calibration Tool From Pantone
Pantone, Inc. has announced the availability of huey, an easy-to-use monitor calibration tool developed in partnership with GretagMacbeth. The unique, affordable device is about the size of a small marker and delivers excellent results on LCD, laptop and CRT displays without requiring users to have any knowledge of color management.

Alien Skin Software Releases Exposure Plug-In
Alien Skin Software has released a new plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and other compatible host programs called Exposure which is designed to bring the look and feel of film to digital photography. Photographers can now simulate current and discontinued film stocks, as well as recreate their signature look as a one-click effect. Exposure also simulates darkroom and studio effects such as push and cross processing.

Adobe Expands Raw File Support in Photoshop CS2
Adobe Systems has announced an update to the Camera Raw plug-in for Photoshop CS2, extending raw file support to 17 additional digital camera models. The free download expands on the raw file support integrated in Photoshop CS2 for digital cameras from leading manufacturers.


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Canon’s EOS-1D Mark II N
Speedy Framer Sports Dual Slots, New Image Options

by George Schaub

The decisive moment could be described as the instant when photographer’s instinct meets a picture and the shutter is released at the height of that honed perception. The digital decisive moment is now about 5 seconds long. If you happen to see more sports shots of the ball just coming off the bat, or the pass as it just begins to graze the fingertips of a tight end, you might be seeing the results out of one of the new high-speed framing rate digital SLRs.
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The HiTi S400
A Dye Sub Printer For 4x6 Prints With Style

by George Schaub

The line-up of quality 4x6 desktop printers now includes a number of models in the dye sublimation realm. These printers offer computer- or computer-less printing with a host of input options. Smaller than your inkjet, they offer convenience, fast printing, and, increasingly, fairly sophisticated processing options. We recently had the opportunity to work with a new printer from Hi-Touch, a company that’s consistently scored high and earned top honors at the annual photo trade show “shootouts,” print competitions voted on by photo industry show attendees.

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With the onOne Software Photoshop Plug-In Suite, you get 4 must-have plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop CS and CS2 including the all-new Genuine Fractals 4.1 that allows you to create extraordinary enlargements from your digital images. You also get Mask Pro, PhotoFrame and Intellihance Pro all for one low price.

Genuine Fractals 4.1
Resampling With GF Might Make The Megapixel Race Moot

by George Schaub

I have a bunch of prints on the walls and desktops of my studio, and I almost can’t believe my eyes. For years I have been stubbornly teaching that image resolution (in pixel dimensions) and physical print size were in lock step, and even scoffed at a camera maker for claiming that their 5-megapixel digicam could produce 20x24 prints. Make a good 13x19 from anything less than a 10-megapixel camera? Couldn’t be done. Make a 20x24 print from anything less than a high-res scan or 16-megapixel digital SLR with some resampling thrown in for good measure? Don’t be silly. I had been solidly behind the max +30 percent rule for resampling, and if I ventured beyond that I would resample in 10 percent steps, not all at once.

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There are many options for making prints from digital files these days—online, online uploads with in-store pickup, kiosks and of course home and studio printing. Have you tried any online printing services yet, and what has been your experience with quality and speed of delivery?
Please supply a brief comment on your experiences, if any, with online digital printing services, and how you use it in your work.

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