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The Raw Deal

The most common image format use these days with digital cameras is the JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) format. The obvious limitation of JPEG is that it is most often used for its excellent but lossy compression format...

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The Nikon N75

Now that digital SLRs are knocking on the door, film SLRs are undergoing a renaissance that makes them smaller, lighter, easier to use and carry. They also are incorporating many advanced features of their pro film SLR cousins but...

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Talking Pictures

Essence Of Denmark

For over a decade I have represented various Danish clients, some of whom are located in Aarhus, Denmark, on the...

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Student Union

Texas State Technical College

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Steve Gottlieb's Abandoned America

Steve Gottlieb's photographs are bits of life that have vanished from our world forever--structures emptied of any signs of human existence, fragmented testimonials of our past.

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Watertight Gear Cases

Watertight Gear Cases
Seahorse cases provide watertight protection for all sorts of gear, with their newest model being the SE 710 Hurricane Series computer case. The case comes with a fitted, shock absorbing bottom, a lid organizer to...

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Point Of View

Photography is a wide-ranging field that engenders passion in its practitioners, and like all great forms of expression creates opinions formed through experience and reflection. In its early days one of the great...

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Picture This!

Picture This! - Our Next Assignment

Colorful Cars

Our next Picture This! assignment is "Colorful...

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Watching out for and photographing the ordinary was something I always did and still do; it's instinctive for me. But it wasn't until I read Focus on Travel by Alan Rokach and Anne Millman that I realized that...

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All photos by David Schultz


According to nature photographer David Schultz, "Spring and Fall are my busy times for picture-taking." Aspen and maple trees adorned in fall colors are big sellers at West Light Images, Schultz' photo gallery located in Park City, Utah. People also enjoy decorating their walls with spring wildflowers, he observes.