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Look around any photographer's studio and you'll see all manner of tools aside from camera, darkroom or computer imaging station, and the requisite coffeepot. Studios can occupy entire floors of a loft building or a small room in the back of a storefront, but regardless of size it's a place where creativity and tools mesh. While different types of tools are...

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Jessyel Ty Gonzalez
University Of Colorado
Boulder, Colorado


Jessyel came to still photography through his film studies at the University, and although he says photography will always be a part of what he does, filmmaking is still his ultimate goal.

The photographs here are from his photoblog at

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Renowned "camera collector" Jason Schneider is out there scouring camera stores, Internet sites, and camera shows to bring you the best bargains in user collectibles, recent gems, and vintage gear.

Presuming you haven't been meditating in a cave in Tibet for the past few years, you know that the prices of medium format...

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As digital SLRs and "prosumer" digicams have become increasingly popular, the need for recording speed has also increased. Anyone who owns a 6- to 10-megapixel camera can really benefit from a very fast memory card. Particularly after shooting a series of images, recording time can be quite short--instead of frustratingly long--so the camera can be ready to...

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How fast is your memory card? Don't be embarrassed if you have no idea. The important question is whether or not you know why it's advantageous to use high-speed cards. What are the benefits and are they worth the extra cost?

During the mid-90s, when consumer-level digital cameras first began to appear, the world of memory cards was very small. There...

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Our Picture This! Assignment this month was "The Big Landscape: Mountain Views." Readers responded with photos made from East to West with some of the most beautiful peaks in our land, and with some from overseas as well. Of course, folks from out West consider Eastern mountains not much more than foothills, but any feature that rises above the horizon counts in our...

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Not long ago I headed down to Mexico City from my home base in Austin for a week's worth of shooting and a few days of time off. I was the guest of my studio manager, Susannah, who is from Mexico City. She'd invited me down to visit her family, and I thought I'd combine the invitation with some serious stock shooting, complete with a crew, models--and...

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· High resolution, pleasing color rendition, snappy contrast, superb image quality at ISO 100-400
· Supersonic Wave filter is highly effective in removing dust from CCD sensor
· Overall speed should satisfy most photo enthusiasts
· Vast range of features to satisfy both novices and experienced digital...

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Although I've been somewhat pigeonholed as a portrait photographer, I am a traveling man...and love taking pictures along the way, of course. Recently I made a trip to Shanghai and loved every second of it--what great opportunities for pictures! I started out my trip by carrying my camera case with three bodies and four lenses. My basic camera bodies are a Canon EOS...

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If you want to make an immediate improvement in your photography, move up to medium format. Not just because of the larger format, which will instantly provide better resolution and quality, whether you use digital or film; more importantly, the larger viewing screen will assist you in defining your subject and refining your composition. I have seen near instant improvement occur...